Perfume: The Story of a Murderer - John E. Woods This book was different.
My friend gave me a copy of this book and told me it was good.
We don’t share the same taste in books but I still tried it out.

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille was not your typical lead character in a novel.
He was not something that you would like.
He was a murderer.
But there was something about him that despite his viciousness and repugnant character, you will find yourself sympathizing him.

This book was about Grenouille and his keen sense of smell.
He was an unwanted child who was left to die with rotting fishes in the Parisian market.
He doesn’t smell and because of that people assumed that there was something wrong about him.
That he was the son of the Devil.
*Stupid right?*
Anyways, after that he was sold to a tannery to be a worker.
Then he met the perfumer and worked for him.
That was when he discovered his strong sense of smell.

Grenouille did terrible things.
25 brutal murders.
He thought with that he could create the most perfect smelling perfume.
He did everything he could to do it.
Including doing those horrific things.
In the end he was able to accomplish what he wanted but gets heartbroken in the end.
Not everything came out as what he hoped it would be.
In the end he only became disappointed.

The ending was just…
I couldn’t explain it.
I am loss for words.

The story was absurd but beautiful.
People are driven by our wants.
It makes us do stupid things.
Crazy things.
Grenouille was just like that.
He wanted to make a perfume unlike no other and because of that he killed people.
Because of his obsession.
The smell.
Our desires maybe different from his but all of us are just like him when it comes to our desires.
We do what ever it takes.
But if that desire causes more harm to us that good then it would ruin us in the end.
There were a lot of popular people who are a slave of their own desires.
It lead them to their own destruction
We must always be careful in the things that we desire.