Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake I like horror/ghost books just as much as I like watching them.
When I picked up Anna Dressed In Blood, I was hoping, really hoping that this would be one of the few horror/ghost books I liked.
This was an okay book for me.

Anna Dressed in Blood was narrated in Cas’ point of view.
Cas was a ghost hunter.
It was some sort of retaliation because of what happened to his Dad.
He and his Mom moved to a new city in search of Anna who was dressed in blood.

Who was Anna and why was she dressed in blood?
Anna has been killed back in 1958 when she was sixteen.
They slit her throat which was why her dress was covered with blood.
Anna was a very aggressive and extremely powerful ghost.
She was not like the other ghosts Cas faced before.
She brutally murders anyone who steps into her house.
She rips and tears and breaks her victims to pieces.
She was a very very angry ghost.
Cas witnessed one of her killing spree.
But she spared his life.
Why did she not kill him like she did the others?
What happened to Anna that made her the vengeful ghost that she was?
Cas was determined to find out no matter what it takes.

As I mentioned earlier this book was just an okay book for me.
I like horror/ghost books and this book didn’t really live up to my expectations.
It was gory which was good.
But there was still something missing.
The story itself was good.
I loved the whole concept of Anna being who she was.
I may have been put off with this book a bit because it reminded me a lot of the Winchester brothers.
I am an avid fan of SUPERNATURAL.
I watched all the seasons and I know their story.
Cas’s dad died.
Sam and Dean thought their father was dead too which was how they became hunters, right?
For those who watched the series, back me up please!
Anyways, there were things I liked too.


* I adore Anna!
I am not suicidal.
I’m scared of Anna but I admire her.
She killed people yes but it wasn’t her fault.
I couldn’t bring myself to hate Anna despite the things she has done.
She was scary but in a good way.
I mean this is a ghost story right? She’s supposed to be scary.
And she is.
I’d hate to get in the bad side of Anna.
I liked how she could rip people to pieces.
Seriously, I thought that was kind of cool.

* The cat.
Tybalt is the coolest cat ever.
If every cat was like him, I’d get a cat as soon as possible.
Tybalt could sense spirits.
Ain’t that cool?!

* The goriness!
Everything was described thoroughly.
It was as if I was seeing Anna ripping her victims with my own eyes.
Very detailed.
It was creepy just the way I like it.

* Loved the back flashes.

* It was in a male POV.
I liked that it was a guy who was telling the story for a change.
Most YA books are always told on the female POV.
How the author told the story was just awesome.
(I liked the male POV, but I still don’t like Cas. Sorry!)

I know there are more to love about this book but I just can’t get over the fact that the main character was very similar to Dean and Sam Winchester.
If that aspect has been removed I would have probably given this book a 5.

Though I just have it a 3.5, I would still recommend this book to everyone who wants a spooky read and those who don’t mind a little goriness.