The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins OMGosh! :)

Just watched the movie!
I know a lot of you have already watched it but heck I was still excited!
Felt that it was as close as the movie is going to get to the book!

Well. :)
So excited for the next movie.
Will have to read Catching Fire soon.

Dystopian books?

Not really my thing.

Wither was the first dystopian novel I've read and it seriously gave me a headache.
It wasn’t because that book was poorly written but because I was just not comfortable with the fact that young girls were getting kidnapped and sold to rich boys in order to procreate.
I have no issues with teen pregnancy but then the kidnapping part and them being sold was a lot like prostitution to me.
There were a couple of instances where I swore I was going to put Wither down but I didn’t because I thought it would get better.
It didn’t.
After that I stirred away from dystopian books until Hunger Games.
Hunger Games was another dystopian novel.
This book has been on my to-read pile for so long that I almost forgot about it.
Sure there were good reviews about it but since it was dystopian, I had to skip it.
Then I saw the movie trailer.
I thought the trailer was cool but still I didn’t pick the book up.
I was still hesitant about the whole dystopian thing.
I was afraid that it would turn out just like the other book I read.
March 2012 was nearing.
The movie was going to be in the big screen soon and that's when I told myself that I had to read it now!
So I picked up my copy and began reading it after I got home from work.

Chapter 1.


Chapter 2.


Chapter 3.


Then I finished it!

I would like to give this book a round of applause!
A standing ovation if it's even possible.
One of the best books I have read so far.
It had all the elements that make a book fascinating.
Despite it being a dystopian novel, I still love it.
Completely loved and adored it.

The setting of the Hunger Games was in a place called Panem.


Panem is a future nation that came from the ruins of what we all know as North America.
It had twelve districts that were governed by the Capitol.
Because of an upheaval that happened before against the Capitol, the Hunger Games was born.
The Hunger Games would require tributes –- a boy and a girl whose ages were between 12 and 18 – and they will be chosen to represent their district on the Hunger Games.


The 24 tributes from the different districts had to face each other in the arena.
They had to fight for survival.
They had to outwit each other.
They had to think before they act.
They had to show everybody that they are the best.
Because only one of them will come out of the Arena.



The main protagonist is Katniss Everdeen who I loved almost instantly.
She was a perfect example of a girl strengthened by poverty.
She lived in District 12, which I think was poorest of all the districts.
The time to choose the tributes came.
Prim, her younger sister was chosen.
Katniss loved her sister and volunteered herself in exchange for her sister.
Katniss was now District 12’s tribute along with Peeta Mellark who was not really a stranger to her.
The chosen tributes were then transported to the Capitol for the Hunger Games.
They were prepped and introduce to everyone.
Bets were on.
People had their own bets to cheer on.
Katniss was struggling.
Katniss was scared but she couldnt let it show.
She had to be strong.

Who will she trust?
What will she do to survive?
How will she prevent herself from getting killed?

The Games will change you.


I think that is one word that would describe how I felt about the Hunger Games.
It was full of action, suspense, drama, romance.
What more could you ask for?

Katniss was the perfect heroine.
She is my type of lead female character.
She had this courage in her that lights up like fire.
Katniss, the Girl on Fire.
I adore her.
She wasn’t weak like most of the lead characters in YA books.
She was strong, brave and courageous.
She was also smart.
She uses her head.
I hate depended lead characters and Katniss was not one of them.

While I can go on and on regarding my crush on Katniss, her male counterpart actually caught me too.
Peeta Mellark, the baker boy who burned bread to give to his childhood crush.
How sweet!
Peeta was not as skilled as Katniss but he does everything to protect her nonetheless.
I hope you’re mine.
You are a paradigm of a perfect boyfriend.

Katniss and Peeta had perfect chemistry.
You will always come across a book where the characters blend together perfectly.
Katniss and Peeta were one of them.
They were a smokin’ couple.
(They were literally a smoking couple during the introduction of the tributes right? :D)
Anyways, Peeta and Katniss were made to be together.
I did have Katniss for hurting Peeta! Arrrg,

I was told that the concept of the Hunger Games was not entirely original.
I heard that somehow it was a bit similar to the Lord of Flies but I haven’t read that so I couldn’t say if it is true nor not but still I fell in love with the book either way.
It was a mixture of everything I wanted and not knowing I wanted in one book.
Not only did it have the action, romance, exceptional writing style that I wanted, I also felt there was a deeper meaning to the book that was hidden between the lines.

The society that Katniss belonged to was very similar to the one that we have now.
The status quo remained.
District 12 symbolizes the underprivileged ones.
It symbolizes the oppressed ones who didn’t have enough food to feed their families.
It symbolizes the ones who had to take desperate measures to survive.
The Capitol represents the rich people.
They control the least fortunate ones with their money.
They think they’re superior.
I am not stereotyping.
Not all rich people are bad while not all poor people are good either.
It’s just a thought anyways.
Don’t burn me at stake because I said that about the rich people.
I know a lot of rich people who were more humble than me.
I am not rich to make things clear.
I’m part of District 12.
Enough of that already.
I didn’t know what came over me.

THE HUNGER GAMES easily became my favorite.
I’ve learned my lesson not to judge a book by its GENRE.
If you are looking for an interesting read with a twist then I recommend this book.
THE HUNGER GAMES did not disappoint.
If this book could talk, I’m sure it will slap me in the face and say “Take that you b*tch for thinking that I am not worth your time reading!”
I can’t wait for the movie.


The movie is coming out next year.
I thought the girl who played Katniss seemed to fit the part.
I am just not too sure about the guy who played Peeta.
I had a different Peeta in mind.
Maybe Chace Crawford or Alex Pettyfer?
Not expecting him.
I thought Peeta was supposed to be blond anyways?!

I really can't wait for the movie!