Sometimes It Happens - Lauren Barnholdt “Sometimes people do things that are complicated. For complicated reasons.


I have to agree with the title.
Sometimes things just happen without us knowing how or why.
Sometimes it just happens.
Like when it rains.
You have no way of telling when it will fall (unless you work with the agency who predicts the weather).
Anyway, enough of my blabbing. :p

Sometimes it happens starts with Hannah starting her senior year with a secret.
Something happened that summer when her best friend Ava was in Maine.
Before the Summer break, Hannah saw her boyfriend Sebastian kissing another girl.
Devastated she was expecting her best friend Ava to be there for her all through out that summer but Ava broke the news that she will be going to Maine for the summer.
Totally not the summer Hannah was expecting.
No best friend + No boyfriend = pigging out and sulking at home and crying.
But summer started to change as she started hanging out with Lacey and Ava’s boyfriend Noah.
Something happened that summer.
She felt it was wrong but right at the same time.
Now classes have started and she needs to face the consequences of what happened that summer.
She had to decide whether to keep it forever or come clean and tell her best friend what happened.
Before Ava finds out from someone else and possibly end of their friendship.

Firstly, I love the cover!
I am totally crazy over the girl in the cover.
I am not a lesbian but I thought she was really cute! :)
Pretty covers are plus points for me.

For me this book was pretty predictable and simple.
It wasn’t something you’d be totally hooked.
The plot was simple and a little boring although I loved how the author wrote the story.
It was told in alternating timelines.
You’d get a glimpse of what was happening in the present and what happened during that summer.
That was good.
I thought it really suited the book to be written that way,

My main problem was Hannah.
She was a weak character with no distinct personality.
She stalks her ex-boyfriend in facebook! (seriously?)
She literally ate her way to get over her heartache. (so not good!)
She was also dependent on her best friend Ava.
She lacked self-confidence.
She does make me laugh sometimes but still not my most favorite character.

Noah however was a different story.
Noooaaahh! :) I lloooovvvveee you! :D
*smothering hug*
I loved Noah.
I mean cheating on your girlfriend is definitely a no no for me but there was something about Noah.
I don’t know what it is with me and guys named Noah. :p
(I also love Noah from Mara Dyer.)

For the other characters, they were pretty believable.
I hated Ava for being too bossy.
I love/hated Lacey because she was friendly and all but boy was she a stalker. Hahaha.
Then there’s Hannah’s a**hole ex-bf, Sebastian. I think you already got an idea of how I think about him. :)

All in all I still enjoyed the book but not enough for me to give it a 4.
It’s not a book I would recommend for those who wants to read books that would make you giddy all over because it didn’t really do that to me.
It was just okay.
I will still be reading the other books of Ms. Barnholdt because I loved how she writes just not really crazy other the story itself.

I give this book 3.5 stars!