Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins “What are you going to do?”
“Nothing that would compromise your virtue and have Patti hunting me down.”

If an angel and the devil were to fall in love, can their love transcend the laws of heaven and hell? Will he set her wings on fire?

Anna was good.
She good in a way that she doesn’t commit any wrongdoing if she could help it.
She always had the urge to do the right thing.
She wasn’t normal and she knew that all too well.
She tried her best to blur out the weird things that were happening to her so that she could live as normally as she could.
She was not expecting her world to turn upside down when she met the drummer of the band Lascivious, Kaidan Rowe.
Kaidan Rowe was bad news and she knew it.
She kept on telling herself it was better to stay away but she couldn’t.
There was something about the elusive Kaidan that draws Anna to him.
Was it just his charm?
They were nothing like each other.
But are they really different or more the same?


Honestly, the thing that drew me to this book in the first place was the cover and the title.
They were pretty good.
Sweet evil.
You have to admit that title would make you curious.
The cover was pretty haunting.
The balance of the white and the black and the red gown.
It was just so good.
But of course I am not very happy with the guy on the cover.
He looks like a zombie and Kaidan was NOTHING like that.
Kaidan was H.O.T and not C.O.L.D and that guy on the cover was C.O.L.D.
Not really Kaidan like for me.
I mean I could go on and on all day about Kaidan but I will have to get to that later.


When I started reading this book I was so happy.
I loved the writing style and the character Anna already made an impression on me.
But then I had to stop for a while because it was too slow for me.
I was also seriously thinking about just not finishing the book all together because I am not really a fan of slow paced books. I get bored easily.
Still I picked it up and decided to just go on with it and give it another shot.
Imagine my surprise!
It was so great! I was so glad I finished it.
Reading this book gave me a wide range of emotions.
It got me serious, happy, sad, scared, curious, anxious, and impatient and a bunch of other stuff.
This book is one of those “Let-Me-Surprise-You” books.
It will definitely catch you off guard.
It will keep you at the edge waiting on what will happen next.
I starts out slow then gradually increase pace, then it gets faster and *BBBOOOOMMM*! It will blow your mind!
I think the gradual pace change definitely worked for this book.
It will give you enough time to adjust with the information that will be shared by the characters about who they are and what they are dealing with.
Also another thing that I found good with this book was the use of the angels and the demons.
There was some truth in it.
I mean we all know what happened to Lucifer and the fallen angels right? And this book stayed true to that but with a bunch of other stuff included.
It was pretty believable for me. It almost made me fear that there were such things as the Dukes of Hell and their sons or daughters that roam with us every day without us ever knowing.
I am a big fan on angel books and for those who know me, I am a very big fan of the Mortal Instruments and if you are too then you will probably get culture shock when you read this.
The use of the Nephilims here are different as to how they were used in the MI or ID.
There were a lot of seriously good stuff here.


She was a very fun character to read.
I have never once thought I’d enjoy reading about a goody-goody character like her.
I was expecting her to be whiny but she wasn’t.
She had a lot of self control but *beeeeeeeppppppppp*. I can’t really say because that’s gonna be a major spoiler. You have to read it so that you’ll know!
I don’t have any problems with her at all.
She also leaves good lines once in a while.
She despite being *beeeeeeeeppppp* still has hormones, raging hormones. Hahaha.
And although she was good (in every sense of the word), she was still human.
She gets hurt. She feels pain. She feels insecure.
She was so real to me and I loved that about her.
She was flawed and not the perfect but helpless girl in almost every YA books now a days.


I totally take back what I said about not being able to connect with him because I totally could now.
I mean wow! This guy had a lot of things going on.
First off, I would like to warn everyone that this guy is oozing with H.O.T.N.E.S.S you’ll feel it through the pages of the book
He makes me go like this:

Funny gif Pictures, Images and Photos

I know it looks weird but he makes me lick my lips. A lot! Hahaha.
He was not your typical lead male character.
He wasn’t good. He was H.O.T yes but he was bad news!
Yep! This guy is not good news so it’s better to stay away but this guy will make sure you don’t get enough of him because he’s *bbbeeeeeeeeeeeeppp*. (a major spoiler there!)
Despite this guy’s sins you’ll still love him because you’ll know he’s not all wicked inside.
I just wish Kaidan finds himself or finds me at least. Hahaha. :D
I imagine him looking something like this:

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damon = synonymous with hot Pictures, Images and Photos

If ever this becomes a movie I want him to look somewhat like Ian.

ian somerhalder gif Pictures, Images and Photos

Other Characters

There are a lot of other characters you should look out for. There’s Anna’s adopted mom Patti who I love to death and Anna’s biological dad who surprised the heck out of me.
Jay who has been Anna’s friend from the start was also a cool friend who was clueless on what was going on.
At one point of the book you’ll meet Kaidan’s dad, his friends and you’ll be introduced to the life that Kaidan has and what Anna was supposed to have had.
Characters were pretty 3 dimensional so they’re pretty good.


Sure we all want a good story but what’s a good story without a little bit of romance on the side huh?

Chemistry? Definitely there although at first I thought Kaidan was pretty dull to me but as the story progressed I was like “Boy was I so wrong!”
You’ll think Good Anna and Bad Kaidan won’t work?
Well I am going to tell you that you are soooo wrong!
Just by reading about these two kids make my insides tingle with excitement.
I was so under their spell. I was just speechless although out

ian somerhalder gif Pictures, Images and Photos

It was this steamy! Hahaha. Just kidding.
This book was steamy but not that graphic or anything. I won’t recommend it to younger kids though.
But really Anna and Kaidan? They are just so perfect for each other. Like it or not but they are.

Closing Thoughts

This book was such a surprise to me. I never expected myself to really like it and devour it and get addicted to it like this. There is just so much to love about this book. One of which is the flow of the story slow but gradually increasing until you throw yourself out of your seat because of excitement. One thing I didn’t exactly like was the ending. I just HATE CLIFFHAGERS! But still I adore it all the more because it kept me interested enough to know what will happen to this steamy uncanny couple. Give me the next book already Wendy! I want to get more Kaidan!

Wendy I want to hug you and never let you go for making such a successful and greatly addictive read. I am definitely a fan! So excited for the next book!

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excited gif Pictures, Images and Photos

A perfect 5!