I Heart You, You Haunt Me - Lisa Schroeder Do you believe in ghosts?
What if the person you love the most dies?
Of course you’d feel devastated, distraught and depressed.
But what if he comes back?
Would you be happy that he kept his promise to be with you forever, even as a ghost?

Ava’s boyfriend Jackson died because of a dare and she blames herself for it.
Driven by guilt she shuts everyone out of her life.
She thought she lost him forever.
But then Jackson came back.
When she looked at the mirror, the saw a glimpse of Jackson behind her and she knew, Jackson hadn’t left her at all.

Honestly, I thought this book was so cool.
The story was told in poems.
Instead of chapters you get short poems about everything that has happened between Ava and Jackson and the life Ava had after Jackson died.
One good thing about this book was that all the characters had this share on the spotlight.
It was not all about Ava and Jackson but you get a glimpse of their friends too.

I absolutely L.O.V.E Ava!
Because she was a good girlfriend and a good friend.
She grieved because she lost her boyfriend which was normal.
She was sad but still she doesn’t want her parents and her parents to worry much about her so she shows them a strong face.
She knew she had the chance to be with someone else but she had to give it up because she loves her friend and as a respect to Jackson too.
I liked her because she was not all whiny and stuff like that.
I like it because she was true to herself.

I also loved Jackson.
At first I thought he had become some sort of a poltergeist but I was so wrong.
Turns out he had some unfinished business too.
Not going to tell you what it is though, you have to find that out for yourselves.

Ava’s friends were cool.
They were supportive and so were her parents.
She had the right amount of support to get her going.
She also had the right amount of rejection from Jackson’s mom, since I think that she too blame Ava for Jackson’s death.

Anyways, I thought this book was cool, fresh and fun.
Written in short poems made it a more entertaining read.
It was very simple but heartfelt.
Despite the book’s shortness, the right amount of emotions was there to keep the readers begging for more.

I love it. Love it. Love it.