City of Bones - Cassandra Clare I know there are a lot of reviews saying that this book was not that good book because it was copied of from other books. To tell you honestly I dont really see what similarities they were seeing with other popular books.

I love this book. I think the book was exciting. It was not boring. The characters were well defined. Jace and Clary are amazing characters. I love Clary. She was believable. She was not some helpless girl that always needed protecting. Jace on the other hand was all perfect looking and everything (Angels or Nephilims are supposed to be good looking right?) but then he still has this attitude. He seems like a jerk with an I-dont-care-about-anything feel to him but then he was just hiding the fact that he was needy of a place where he would really belong, a family. All the other characters were great too. Alec, Isabelle, Simon, Luke, Jocelyn, Valentine, they were all very distinct from each other. They were very real to me.

Anyways, I really love this book. This is the first one I've read in the series and I am hoping the next books are as good as this one. As I have heard there are two more books after the city of ashes, city of glass and city of fallen angels and I just hope the next books wont disappoint me. ^_________________^