Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher
I didn't know what to expect when I opened this book. I dropped two of the books that I had been reading(Before I Fall and City of Glass) to make way for this one. After reading so many good reviews I got curious and read this book and I was really happy I read it. This book was amazing. This book tackles a very sensitive subject, Suicide. It also shows the impact that our action may have on other people that we may not be aware of.

This book started when Clay Jensen received a package which was left in his front porch. The package contained seven tapes which was marked 1 to 13. Out of curiosity, Clay went to their garage and listened to it. He then found out that the tapes were from Hannah Baker, the girl he liked but was too scared to ask her out.

Hanna comitted suicide and she recorded these tapes to explain why she did it. There were 13 people mentioned on the tapes and all of them had contributed to her decision of doing what she did. And yes, the list of people included Clay.

For me this book is very beautiful. If you are a sucker for happy ending then this book won't give you that. What it will give you though is the realization that everything that we do not only affects ourselves but also the people around us. It reminds us to be sensitive of other people's feelings because not everybody has the same capability to cope with pressure or changes. Hannah was one of those people. She was pushed and pushed until she broke and no one was there to support her. She felt all alone when everything around her was falling apart.

I understand Hannah because once in my life I was the one in her shoes. The only difference was that I had people to support me and she didnt have anyone. This book made me realize how lucky I was because I didn't have to experience what she went through. If I was in the same situation, I am not so sure I would have done things differently.

All in all I really loved the book. I wasn't really a fan of the ending though. I thought this book deserved a better ending. But still I give this book a 5.