There You'll Find Me - Jenny B. Jones
Two things I love about books is that they take you to
places that you have never been and make you feel things
that you have never felt. I loved this book because not
only did it take me to Ireland (after reading this I really
love to visit Ireland) it also made me feel the familiar
feeling of loss and pain.

Finley Sinclair was struggling after the death of her
brother Will. Her brother left a journal documenting his
trip to Ireland and how he found God there. Trying to find
out for herself what her brother discovered there she
decided to set off to Ireland. On her way there she met
the famous Beckett Rush who turned out to be more than
who she thought he was.

Finley had to struggle with a lot of things: her brother's
death, her family, school, her audition piece, a certain
boy, God and most of all herself.

I honestly don't know where or how to begin this. This
would probably be the longest review I will ever make.
This book indeed helped me a lot. It helped me face the
issues in life that I am currently having. It touched so
many aspects in my life if not all.

When I was reading the book, it was as if I was the one
narrating the story and not Finley. When I started the
book I was like okay she met him at the plane and then
what? But as the story progressed that's when I really got
the whole picture.

In the book, Finley kept on complaining that no matter
how hard she tried calling to God he never answered. She
felt alone and depressed. She developed an eating
disorder that she refused to admit even though she
knows that its true. She was a walking disaster waiting to
happen only she was too preoccupied with so many
things that she failed to notice it.

She was having a hard time accepting her brother's death.
She refused to let go of the pain, the loss and the
heartache. She found it so hard to let go of her favorite
brother. Her role model. Her goal was to finish the
audition piece that she dedicated to Will. She hoped that
after that everything would go back to normal. But things
would never go back the way it used to be. No matter
what she does, it would never bring back her brother.

You could either stay or move forward, that is one of the
lessons I have learned in this book. Either you mull over
the pain over and over again or you let everything go and
let God help you move on.

This book helped me overcome my own pain, my hurts
and my regrets. I try and convince myself and others that
I have already gotten over the fact that my ex-bf had left
me and my daughter but I really haven't nor did I really
got over my Mom remarrying. I do regret not being able
to graduate. One other important thing that I failed to let
go until now is the death of my Dad. I just realized after
reading this book that I haven't really moved on from his
death. He was my Will. I loved him more than anyone else
in my family. He was my role model (I was a daddy's girl).
I thought I gotten over it a long time ago but I was wrong.
I didn't deal with it, I just supressed it. It was my coping
mechanism. I should have known but I was too blind to
see it but finally I am free all thanks to this book.

God does move in mysterious ways. I also thought he
wasn't listening to me anymore but I was wrong. He
spoke to me. He spoke to me through the pages of this
book. Thank you Ms. Jones for making this book. :) I am
forever a fan!

Like Finley, I also selected my own verse. Here it is:

"Let us not be weary in doing good, for at the proper time
we reap a harvest if we do not give up."
- Galatians 6:9

Before I end this review I would just like to add that Finley
and Beckett were two amazing characters. I loved Finely
because she was real and vulnerable and so is Beckett.
Finley and Beckett's love story is inspiring. I think I
already gave away most of what the story is about in this
review. I will just leave you guys to discover why their
love story is inspiring. :)) I hope every girl would get their
own Beckett someday.