Timeless - Alexandra Monir
What would you do if you have fallen in love with a man who only existed in your dreams? What if you found out that he was real but existed in a different time? What would you do to be with that person? What would you give to be with that person forever?

Michele Winsor had a recurring dream. She had been having the same dream about a handsome blue-eyed man in a mirror and a skeleton key. She feels that she knows the person in the mirror but she couldn’t tell who it was, where they met or how she knew him. As for the key, she doesn’t recognize it at all. But she was curious as to why she kept on getting the same dream but that wasn’t going to be answered until later in the book.

Michele lived a simple life with her mother. She never knew who her father was because he left them when she was young and never returned. Still she was happy and contented even if they weren’t living the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Her life crumbled after the death of her mother Marion. She didn’t know how to move on because she was the only family she ever had.

Now that her mother passed away her legal appointed guardians now were her grandparents who lived in New York. She was told that she had to leave her friends in California and move to New York to live with the Winsors.

The Windsors were filthy rich. They were considered as one of the richest family in New York. Michele didn’t know how rich they really were until she arrived at the Winsor mansion which was too ostentatious for her taste. She preferred to be with her mother in their bungalow in California but she knew that wasn’t going to happen anymore.

The Winsor mansion was not only huge and extravagant but it also holds her family’s history. At her room in the mansion, she found out that most of the Windsor girls actually stayed in her room even her mother. She was exploring her room when she came across a locked drawer. She didn’t have the key but she had an idea.

Rummaging through her mother’s stuff she found a key. The same skeleton key she had seen in her dreams. She tried to use the key to open the locked drawer which miraculously opened the drawer.

Inside the drawer was a diary. As she flipped through the first entry she was unexpectedly sucked inside the diary where she landed in her own bedroom back in 1901.

As she goes back in time, she learns about her family and most of all she learns about who the man in the mirror is.


After reading “The Time Traveler’s Wife” I haven’t read any other books related to time travel. I loved the Time Traveler’s wife but reading it got me confused with all the jumping of time and stuff. With Timeless it was different; the flow of the book was fluid and continuous. It was not confusing since it was happening continuously. This book was narrated in the third person which I thought was great. Everything that was happening to Michele in the past and in the future was simultaneous so it won’t confuse you unlike in Time Traveler’s wife.

The story started off with a dream which I really liked.

Michele Windsor was down to earth and very simple. I liked that. She was raised well by her mother because even if she knew that she belonged to a rich family that didn’t get to her. She was a very likeable character. She falls in love with Philip. She continues to travel back in time not only to be with him but also to help the Windsor girls with their issues. She learned that what she does in the past definitely affects the future so she made every action and moment count.

Philip Walker was the man in the mirror. He was the blue eyed guy that Michele has been dreaming of. He fell in love with Michele even though he knew that she was from the future. He was a musician which drew me to him. He was everything that a perfect gentleman should be. (You would see why I said so). He kept his promise and that made me so happy by the end of the book I was still crying. I thought he wouldn’t be able to do it but he did! :)

Marion Windsor was a cool mom. She kind of reminds me of myself. I am a single mom and I know how hard it is to raise a child all on your own. She did a pretty good job in raising Michele. She didn’t go back to her parents after Henry left. She continued to live the life she chose even if the love of her life left her alone leaving her with a key and their daughter.

Dorothy and Walter Windsor were Michele’s grandparents. I think they were definitely keeping something from Michele regarding her father. Michele somehow has a clue because of what happened when she was in the past but still I think there was something else that they were hiding.

Caissie Walker was a good friend. I mean its not every day that you meet someone who would believe you if you say that you could travel back in time.

This book was the first in the series so you should expect that the ending was a bit of a cliffhanger but in a good way. I didn’t expect how it ended to tell you honestly.

I was in tears as I was nearing the end of the book. I thought that it was not going to have a happy ending. Boy was I so surprised! I won’t go into details on that because that part would ruin everything. The ending for me was the highlight of the book.

Love knows no boundaries. Love knows no time. Love knows no obstacles. To be with the person they love they would do anything or everything they could to be with that person. No one or nothing could ever tear two hearts apart.

I have been listening to one of Joshua Radin’s songs “When I find you” which fits Timeless.

“Oh I need you to know today
I’ll wait for you always.
Oh I need you to know today
I’ll wait for you always.
Coz when I find you
I’ll find me”

This book is totally a 5! I hope the next book gets released soon.