The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa BRIEF SUMMARY:

Meghan was able to successfully return her brother home. Prince Ash kept his side of the bargain and now it was her turn to return the favor.

The book started with Meghan dreaming about Machina and then waking up in one of the rooms in the Winter Court. She knew she had to go with Ash to the Unseelie Court because of their bargain but her other reason for coming was because of Ash himself. She was expecting at least a bit of support from him but instead she was getting the coldest treatment ever from him. She thought that she meant more to Ash but she was wrong. He abandoned her.

Meghan’s stay at the Winter Court was not pleasant but not unpleasant either. Everything changed when one of the Queen’s sons got murdered by one of the Iron fey who stole the Scepter.

Meghan now on the run with the help of Ash journey to seek for the stolen scepter to restore peace between the Summer and the Winter Court. There were trouble along the way but that didn’t stop them from their goal because something bigger was happening and they were right in the middle of it.


I liked the Iron King but the Iron daughter was even better! Everything about this series drew me in. There was truly magic within the pages of the book.

I loved Meghan even better in this book. I got a little irritated with her because of her little escapade with Puck. I love Puck and I don’t like it when he gets hurt. She felt a little Bella-like to me which I didn’t like at ALL! But even if I didn’t like that part it still won’t stop me from giving this book a perfect 5!

What could I say? I am madly in love with him. Shucks. In the Iron King I was so sure that I liked Puck but everything changed in an instant when Ash started to shed off the ice that was engulfing his heart. I understood him better. I loved his sincerity and bravery. What more could you ask for?

Puck. I love you and all but please don’t hurt yourself. You are a great guy and you deserve to be more than just the other guy.

This series was like a drug to me. It made me want for more. I have read one book after the other. I am halfway through The Iron Queen and after I would read Summer’s crossing and lastly my copy of the Iron Knight. Save the best for last as they say.

I really couldn’t find anything big to complain about. If there were some misses I obviously was not able to detect them since I was so engrossed with reading and knowing what would happen next.

A 5 for the Iron Daughter!