The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa Now that Meghan is the Iron Queen, Ash could no longer be her knight. Iron was poison to the regular fey and aside from that he was banished from the Iron Realm. But before he left Meghan, he made a promise that he would find a way for them to be together.

Ash wanted to be human so that she could be with Meghan in the Iron Realm.

Grimalkin, the cat-who-knows-everything, leads Ash and Puck to the person who could tell them how to get a soul because in order for one person to be human, he/she should have a soul. They need to find the Seer who could tell them where Ash could get a soul.

Ash, Puck, Grimalkin, the Seer and an unlikely character have to journey to the End of the World to earn Ash’s soul.

The road to the end of the world was not easy. They encountered obstacles and hindrances along the way.

The biggest struggle that they encountered was not the tests or the creatures that they faced but it was Ash himself.


The Iron fey series was really an addicting one. I used to wonder why people were addicted to this series and now I know why.

I must commend the author for making the ending so damn good! :) Making the ending told in Ash’s point of view was just GENIUS.

I was not sure how long Ash’s journey has been but it did say a lot of things about him. The author really did a good job in filtering out the need to know about Ash in the first three books and completing all the missing pieces of Ash in the fourth book. Ash did things that he was not proud of but was never mentioned in the first three books but in the Iron Knight everything about him will be revealed.

I was a little disappointed in him on most part of the book because of something that has to do with his past. I won’t mention anything because I don’t want to ruin the surprise. There was this side of Ash that you will see here that you haven’t seen before.

The process that he has to overcome to be human was not easy. But I find his trials very necessary for him to have his soul. It was brilliant.

Puck showed how much a true friend he really is. I love Ash to the core of my being but still Puck would always be my FIRST love. He never left Ash’s side. I think he came with Ash not just because he was guilty about what happened to Ariella or he was doing it for Meghan but because he wanted to be with his best friend again, possibly rekindle their friendship. It was touching really. Even though Ash was pushing him away, he still stood by Ash all the way.

Grimalkin was the best cat ever. I wish I have a cat like him. Hahaha. It was funny because this cat got them out of most of the troubles that they encountered. What would they do without Grimalkin?

The Seer? Hmmm. I didn’t like her at all. Tsk tsk. No further comment on that

The Iron Knight was an excellent read. It didn’t disappoint. It went way above and beyond my expectation. There weren’t really enough words to describe how I felt for this series. Too bad it’s over. But I heard there would be a spin off. I wouldn’t miss that for the world!