The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa BREIF SUMMARY:
In the end of the Iron Daughter, Ash and Meghan were banished from Nevernever. They were exiled to the mortal world because of their love for each other. They defied the courts to that they could be together.

Just when they thought that everything would be normal from then on, Meghan was attacked by the Iron feys. She then found out that after she defeated Machina someone else took over his realm, a false Iron King who would stop at nothing to acquire her power.

Meghan, Ash and Puck then journey to the realm of the false Iron King to end the battle and save Nevernever from destruction.


It just keeps getting better and better. The Iron Queen was definitely the highlight of this series.

Just when you think everything was at its best in the Iron Daughter, it gets way more exciting and thrilling in the Iron Queen.

Gaawd! I couldn’t shut up about this series.

I didn’t know if it was really Meghan’s destiny but I liked how things turned out in this book. I liked how all her experiences shaped her to be strong and selfless. There were some parts in the book that I was a bit irritated with her because she didn’t care about Ash’s feelings. I was like “OMG! You didn’t just do that to him!” as I was reading the book. Of course, Meghan had her reasons but when I comes to Ash, Meghan or no Meghan, it would be WAR!

The story was not at all predictable. I have read interesting books and I loved them but then they have a very predictable plot and if it’s a series then it gets boring. The Iron Fey series was not one of them.

As the story progressed, everything gets explained and questions were answered. Reading this book was like a journey. This book takes you in and shows you a world full of magic.

The ending of this book is an EPIC! It was amazing. It was not how I expected it but it was better than what I imagined the ending would be.

My heart was crushed but in a good way. Tears fell from my eyes as I was nearing the end of the book. It was so good it actually hurts.

The Ash that I saw in this book was definitely not the Ash I met in the Iron King.

I did say before that I don’t really know why everybody loves Ash but this book proves how very wrong I was about him. He is everything that a prince should be and more.

PERFECT 5 for a perfectly executed novel.