Hades - Alexandra Adornetto When I read Halo, I was drawn to it because of its story. I know there were some people who disliked it but for me Halo was great.

I had the copy of Hades for at least a month now and I was very excited though a little anxious to read it. Why did I not read it sooner? Because I was a little skeptical as to how this book would turn out. I didn’t want to be disappointed with what would happen next between Beth and Xavier and everyone else.

So how was it?

Let me give you a brief summary first.

Bethany, Gabriel and Ivy were still in Venus Cove. They were angels sent to help the people on Earth and they were somehow fulfilling what they were sent to Earth for.

Bethany was still in high school and her relationship with Xavier was stronger than ever. Xavier knew that Bethany was an angel and he doesn’t care. Gabriel and Ivy somehow approved of their relationship because they found Xavier trustworthy of their secret.

It was Halloween. Everyone was excited to dress up for it. Bethany, however, did not see the point in doing so but she still did just to spend time with her friends and Xavier.

Her friends have something in mind, something that they weren’t supposed to do. They were going to do a séance. Bethany knew something was going to go wrong but because of her friends she decided to come along. They did the séance and something did go wrong they just didn’t know it yet at that time.

One of Xavier’s friends told Bethany that Xavier was involved in some sort of accident and because she was worried about his safety agreed to ride Wes’ motorcycle to reach Xavier in time.

Jake Thorne who disguised himself as Xavier’s friend tricked Beth and took her to Hades. Jake got out of Hell because of their little séance. Now Jake abducted Beth to become his Queen in Hades.

Xavier was distraught. He blames himself for what happened but would do everything he could to get her back even though he knew he was only human. Xavier, Gabriel and Ivy would stop at nothing to bring Bethany back. It was a very difficult task but not impossible.

The book started out okay. There was nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary.

Firstly, I was a little dubious with the séance thing and how everything would play out after that. I was having a hard time believing that an angel would even try one of those things even if her friends forced her to. Bethany was supposed to know what that thing could do. She was the supposed to be the one enlightening them about these types of things and not the other way around. So that part was a minus for me.

Secondly, I also couldn’t believe that Bethany would believe that Xavier would do something reckless. She should have known that Xavier would not do those things.

I got bored reading the first few parts of the book but then when Jake took Bethany to Hades that was a different story.

How Ms. Ardonetto depicted Hades was awesome. I mean it does remind me a bit of Dante’s Inferno but still it was good.

Everything about Hades was creatively crafted. I never thought of Hell like that. It was a little out the box which was why it worked for me.

When Bethany was doing the astral projection stuff I couldn’t believe how fluid everything went. I was expecting to be confused with Bethany not really being there and all but I was wrong. It was perfectly executed.

I would have given this book a 5 if I wasn’t so irritated with Bethany. Notice that the only two things that I had to comment on was the fact that Bethany was not thinking.

I had nothing against an angel falling in love with a human. There was nothing wrong with that. I loved Halo but in Hades it was like Bethany was not thinking at all. She would have done something really stupid if the rescue team didn’t come. I want to smack her in the face at that point. I am not going to give out any clues as to what that is. I’ll let you guys read it and tell me if you’d get the same reaction to that. Ultimate sacrifice? Give me a break! That will never be an ultimate sacrifice. She should have known better. Demons are not to be trusted, period!

I pretty much loved all the other characters. Xavier was still himself but he and Molly were getting into each other’s nerves a lot in this book. Gabriel and Ivy were still the same. Jake, I thought was changing a bit but in the later part of the book I was so wrong. Then there’s Bethany. I was just so irritated with her, seriously pissed off by her actions. She made it to my top 10 irritating heroines. Actually, I think she topped Bella!!

I wasn’t expecting the confrontation between Gabriel and Molly. I didn’t see that one coming.

The ending was a CLIFFHANGER! It was like the first one but this one was a MAJOR MAJOR CLIFFHANGER. Now, I have no choice but to read HEAVEN. I have to know what happens next.

I give it a 4!