Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins Who the hell would want to wear a Marie Antoinette inspired gown to a winter formal?


Lola was not your ordinary girl. Let us just say she was unique in her own way. She always wanted to make a statement. She didn’t like being like everyone else. Her boyfriend Max described her as “delightfully screwy” which was in my opinion exactly what she was.

Max, Lola’s current boyfriend, was at their house having brunch with Nathan and Andy (Lola’s parents). Yep. Lola has two Dads. I envy her. :) They were a little strict on her though regarding her relationship with Max because he was a bit older than him which Lola thought was ridiculous. She believed that age didn’t matter when you are in love.

Heavens to Betsy (that’s the name their dog) needed to be walked so Lola had to do it since Betsy was her dog. As she was walking Betsy, she noticed that they had new neighbors who weren’t entirely new. Calliope Bell and her family moved back to the house next door. They were friends before but then fell apart. It wasn’t really her she was worried about but Cricket Bell, her twin brother. He was the guy who broke her heart two years ago.

Cricket was back and was acting as if nothing had happened and it was confusing Lola more than ever. Lola had a boyfriend now and she loves him. But why was she feeling something else when she sees Cricket?

If you guys are a fan of Ms. Stephanie Perkins’ work then I think you have already read “Anna and the French Kiss” (one of my favorites). You might ask why I had to bring it up. Because Anna and her hot British boyfriend St. Clair actually made an appearance in this book which was cool. I loved that book which is why I read this book. Stephanie Perkins goes beyond the typical YA romance novels that’s why I lover her books.

Well, enough of that and let’s get back to the review.

Choosing between a past love and a present love is never easy. There would always be this part of you that longs for a piece of the past but then you also the joy that the present love brings you after the past love has left. There were lots of things that you would have to consider.

When Cricket left, Lola was devastated. Who wouldn’t be especially when she questions that were never answered?

I liked Lola. She was unique. She was her own person. She doesn’t care even if other people don’t like the way she dress. She gets teased a lot because of how she dressed but she doesn’t care. I felt her pain when Cricket left. She put up this strong façade in front of everyone that she was okay but inside she was struggling with her feelings for Max and her past with Cricket.

Cricket was one of those characters that you would immediately fall in love with. He has this childlike innocence in him. It was explained in the book why he had to leave. He was unsure of his feelings for her at that time and his sister Calliope, had a bit of a hand with what happened. He was an inventor and I loved it when he made something for Lola. It was called Sohereitis Ihopeyoulikeit. Ahahaha. Nice name right? I’m not really sure if that’s the name of it but I liked it anyways. Cricket said something to Lola that struck me hard. I found this to be true:

“I know you aren’t perfect. But it’s a person’s imperfections that make them perfect for someone else.”

One of the moments I liked in the book was when Cricket made a bridge using his cabinet to get to Lola’s room. Hahaha. He also allowed Lola to paint his nails. Not all guys would allow their girlfriends to do that. That part was so cute.

I hated Lola for thinking Max was better than Cricket. I mean yeah Max was older and he was with a band but still there was some sort of connection between her and Cricket. She knew that but she was just so afraid to leave Max. He was her first so I could understand why she was so attached to him even though he is such a douche.

St. Clair has always been one of my favorite book characters ever. He has always been a good friend to everyone and the perfect boyfriend to Anna. I liked the way he and Anna gave Lola advice every now and then. The way Lola’s story weaved with his story and Anna’s was a good touch to the story. I love reading about Etienne and Anna again.

Max, Lola’s boyfriend, I thought was in love with her. I guess I was wrong about that. I mean he wrote songs for Lola so I assumed he was in love with her but I think I was wrong about that, he could have written it for someone else. Stupid Max! He got one thing correct though during his confrontation with Lola.

I loved the book but still not as much as Anna and the French kiss. The story was very different from the later. Both books have topics with which I think people could relate to and learn from.

In Lola and the Boy Next Door, it was more about self- acceptance, knowing who you are and appreciating the people who love you. Lola dresses elaborately most of the time because she wanted to hide a part of herself. But in the end, she knew who she should be.

Aside from Cricket’s line, I also liked another line, this time it’s from Lola. It was a sweet ending for a very sweetly done book.

“And I hold my hand high towards my big entrance, hand in hand with the boy who gave me the moon and the stars.”