Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia Aside from Harry Potter, I don’t think I have read any other book about witches and warlocks. In this book, they weren’t really called that but they were called Casters.

Sounds cool?


This book was something that I really did not expect. I thought it was just another ordinary paranormal-romance YA novel but its not. This book has a dark mysterious vibe to it which was really appealing.

This book was narrated in Ethan Wate’s point of view. He was a guy who just wanted to get away from Gatlin where he lived his whole life. Gatlin was a boring place where nothing every changes. Even the tradition there doesn’t change and Ethan wanted change. Ethan was not expecting his life to change when he meets Lena Duchannes, the girl who haunted his dreams and his reality.

This book was everything but typical. Everything was written in a way that you get a piece of everything. The characters were very real.

I like Ethan. I could describe him in one word: dedicated. Ethan knew he has to protect Lena despite of him being a mere Mortal. He knew that he had to find a way to help her no matter what it took. He has pure devotion not only to Lena, but also to his family.

I liked Lena too. She was strong and smart. She writes poems (like me). But she was a bit too whiny for my taste. She worries a lot about her being dark or light. She felt that she didn’t have choice, that she would go dark no matter what she does and that I think was a bunch of crap. She didn’t have to push everyone away because of that.

The other characters were just as alive as the main characters. The story didn’t just revolve around Lena and Ethan. It also revolved around the others too. They have their own stories to tell like Macon and Amma, Ridley, Genevieve and the others.

This was one of the few YA books I have read in the guy’s point of view. I like reading through Ethan’s eyes. He has this childlike innocence in him.

I highly recommended this book to people who want to take a break from Angels, Demons, Vamps and Faeries.