Ultimate X-Men, Vol. 1: The Tomorrow People - Adam Kubert, Mark Millar, Andy Kubert A new twist to how X-men were joined together.

The Sentinels were loose and they were out on a killing spree. They were programmed to eliminate every mutant on Earth. Humans were threatened by the growing number of mutants which was why the Sentinels out there.

Magneto was busy planning as to how he could rid the humans so that the mutants would rule Earth. Xavier, on the other hand, assigned Jean Grey (also known as Marvel Girl) to locate fellow mutants Storm, Beast, Colossus and Iceman to join X-men and prevent the war that was brewing between humans and mutants.

Magneto upon knowing that Xavier was alive, hired known assassin Wolverine to eliminate Xavier, the only person who he thought could stand in his way in attaining his ultimate goal.

I have read dozens of X-men spinoffs or versions and I love this one.
The illustrations were very detailed.
One thing I have to say that I didn’t like was Jean Grey.
Her hair was cut so short.
I have always been a Jean Grey fan.
Her new cool attitude was good but the hair was a big no no for me!