Graffiti Moon - Cath Crowley “For a while, for as long as you're looking at it, that painting is the world and you get to be in it.”

I adore art.
I am one of those people who despite not having artistic prowess admire different works of art.
This was one of the reasons why I loved Graffiti Moon.
For me, the book itself was a work of art.

Both the main characters were artist though they had different methods of expressing their love for art.
Ed was a graffiti artist who paints walls to express what was in his mind.
Lucy was a studio artist who made glass as her medium.
Ed and Lucy had a short past but was not really a pleasant one.
One night, they decided to look for Shadow, a mysterious graffiti artist who paints wonderful pictures all over their town.
Lucy wanted to meet him because she loved his work.
She was inspired by his work and felt that Shadow was the guy for her.
What Lucy doesn’t know was that Shadow was closer to her than she expected.
Shadow and the guy whose nose she broke was the same person.
Shadow is Ed.
Ed is Shadow.
How was Lucy going to deal with it when she finds out?
Will Ed tell her?
Will Lucy be disappointed when she finds out that Ed and Shadow was the same person?

Graffiti Moon is a simple story that is full of life and color.
Everything in this book just happened in one night.
What's amazing was that the story does not just revolve around that one night.
Graffiti Moon was told in the alternating POV's of Ed (Shadow), Lucy and also Ed's friend Leo (Poet).
With them narrating the story, they also let you get a glimpse of their personal lives, their personalities, their hopes, their failures.
The characters were flawed which made them real.

Ed has dyslexia.
He didn’t believe in himself.
He felt that he didn’t deserve his ex-girlfriend.
He felt that there was nothing out there for him.
But Lucy saw what Ed failed to see in himself.
Despite the fact that Ed and Lucy didn’t spend that much time together, Lucy felt she knew Ed because of his graffiti.
Ed showed a bit of his soul in his paintings.
I remember one saying by Pablo Picasso that says “Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth” and I believe that was what Lucy saw.
She saw who Ed really was.
I'm not really a fan of insta-love but I would have to make an exception on this one.
Lucy and Ed were perfect for each other.

I loved the supporting characters too.
Leo (Poet) being the poet that he is.
He writes poems about almost everything.
I like him because I write poems myself and I understand the urge of having to do what he did because of his passion in writing.
Jazz was a funny girl.
She always told people she was psychic.
But she didn’t see that Shadow and Poet were right under their noses.
Daisy and Dylan was just a very cute couple.
They argue a lot but it was so obvious they were still madly in love with each other.
Then there's Bert and Al.
Bert was somehow Ed's mentor.
He owns the paint shop where Ed used to work.
Once in a while Ed would mention something that he remembered what Bert said about something that he encountered.
Bert somehow became Ed's father in a way.
Al was who Bert was to Lucy.
He let him get free art lessons in exchange for her cleaning his studio.
He alerts Lucy when Shadow was near his studio.
I was just amazed about how a short, simple story could contain much not only about the main characters but also the secondary ones.

Graffiti Moon was a very light read.
It was something that you could read in one sitting then makes you smile right after reading it.
Graffiti Moon was a funny, sweet, realistic, heartbreaking story about a boy and a girl that would leave you asking for more.