Don't You Wish - Roxanne St. Claire SUMMARY:

What would you do if you have a machine that would make you someone else, someone better than the real you? Do you think it would be worth it to give up on the things that you have now to be that person?

Annie Nutter wanted to be rich and popular. To be liked and loved by everyone at school. She wanted her crush to notice her. She got her wish, he did notice her but only to humiliate her.

Mel Nutter, Annie’s father was an inventor. He invented a device that would let you see what you would like to look like or who you would like to be. Annie was not really a fan of her father’s work but she decided to try it out anyways. Miraculously, it did work until her mother threw a fit and broke the device.

Annie then took the pieces of her laptop back to her room to try and fix it. Her father’s handheld gadget that would make his invention work was with her. Then everything changed all of a sudden. One minute she was Annie Nutter, the next she was Ayla Monroe, the daughter of a Jim Monroe who happened to be a billionaire and her mother’s ex-boyfriend.


I loved the concept of this book. It was one of those books that you wouldn’t mind reading again and again.

Almost everyone wishes they were someone else. Annie was just one of them. She wanted to have more money, to live in a bigger house, to be more popular and she did get it. But. There is a BIG but there. At the end of the day, was she happy? The answer is no. She was not happy.

Annie was a very relatable character. I see myself in her. I was one of the invisibles when I was at school and I did wish to be popular and rich and all. I used to wish that I could be rich and popular. Difference between Annie and me was that she got what she wished for and I didn’t.

Sometimes she does piss me off. She was smart and all but just for the sake of being popular she does things with her friends that were not really acceptable. Being popular and rich has its perks but also it has its bad side too. If I was in her shoes, I’d enjoy everything but wouldn’t give in to the temptation doing the bad things that I could get away. Also I hate bullying! A big NO NO for me.

I don’t want to give anymore spoilers on it. This book is just so good to give anything away. You guys have to read it to see what I mean.

The guy in this book was special and he was not the guy who you’d expect to be Annie/Ayla’s love interest. I like him because he was smart and really dependable. He was from the alternate world where Annie was Ayla. He somehow found a way for them to be together and also save her sister. Arrrg I wouldn’t give out clues anymore.

All in all I liked the book. It did bore me a little during the first part of the book but redeemed itself in the later part. I noticed some other stuff too but they’re just minor things that can easily neglected.

A job well done on this one.

4.5 stars! :)