The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty - Anne Rice, A.N. Roquelaure I keep on asking myself why the hell I am making a review for this book.
I really don’t know why.

So how do I start with this?

Okay, first things first.

First, I love Sleeping Beauty.
It has always been my favorite fairytale.
But alas, Anne Rice here thought it was nice to make Sleeping Beauty a sex slave!
My initial reaction was, “Asf;jg;augrte5g9+7r8ty7+hs2425”
I was so frustrated.
Why oh why did you do it Anne?
I have always been an Anne Rice fan.
I loved the Vampire Chronicles but this, this is too much.

Prince Charming was supposed to be the guy who would wake Sleeping Beauty up with a kiss.
He was supposed to be the valiant prince who would sweep her off her feet not sweep off all her clothes and rape her.

I have nothing against Erotica.
I would love to actually read one that would have a real story and real characters and real sex.
The characters lack well character.
They didn’t stand out.
I don’t like the spanking thing, it got old so fast because it happened all the time.
I don’t know what had gotten into you Ms. Rice but this would have to be your worst novel ever.
I am a big fan but this series is definitely a no-no for me.
I admire the effort though.
If it had been executed properly or made even more interesting then I would probably have liked it.
I read all three books still just so that I would know if it would improve a bit as the book goes on but I was wrong, it gotten worse.

This book was not exactly horrible but it wasn’t remarkable nor is it memorable.
It was boring for the most part.

If someone could recommend me a book with almost the same theme but with a better story please do recommend me one. :D