The Third Secret - Steve Berry I got this book during the Filipino group’s Xmas Party! :D
This book kind of reminded me of Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons.
The story also revolved around the Vatican, the Popes but this time it also involved a secret.

The Third Secret was about three secrets that the Virgin Mary entrusted to three peasant children.
This secret had been kept hidden by the Vatican.
It was released in 2000, but was it really?
Did they really release the third secret that the Virgin Mary imparted to the three children?
No they didn’t.
What was so important about that secret?
Why was Pope Clement XV so worried?
Because this secret, if revealed to the public could change the Catholic world.

I highly recommend this book.
But if you are sensitive to the topic of religion in books then I don’t recommend it.
It was full of suspense.
The book was well researched.
Most of the facts here are very accurate.
Full of details.
If I’d not known this was fiction I would have believed what I read.