The Future of Us - Jay Asher, Carolyn Mackler If there was a device or a program that would let you give a preview of what your life would be 15 years from now, would you try it out?
Would you really like to know how life has turned out for you and the people around you?
When you find out that your life after 15 years sucks, would you try and change it in your present time?

Josh's mom told him to bring the AOL CD they received to Emma's place because she recently received her new PC.
They installed it.
Emma made her email address and then a mysterious website appeared.
It was Facebook.
But Facebook has not yet been invented in 1996.
What did they find in Facebook?
They found themselves looking at themselves fifteen years in the future.

After Thirteen Reasons Why, I was an immediate Jay Asher fan.
Anything that would have his name on it, I would definitely read.
That was one reason I opened this book which by the way I didn’t regret.

The concept of The Future of Us was creative.
Who would think of creating a story with Facebook in it but set fifteen years before it was even invented.
It was cool.
It was genius.
The writing style was great as usual.
The book was told in alternating POV's of Emma and Josh which really did the job.
It made me see both sides of the main characters.
It was original.
The feel of the book was really 90ish.
Dave Matthews.
It gave me a little bit of nostalgia.
No doubt the story was well thought of.
I have some issues with the characters though.

Let me start with Emma.
I hate Emma.
She was just so shallow for me.
She was so unlikable.
There was nothing about her that I liked.
If I was given the chance to look at myself 15 years from now, I wouldn’t obsess over who would be the person I get married to.
She was so unhappy that when she finds out that Josh was married to someone pretty, popular and rich while her future self was struggling with her marriage.
She doesn’t know how to love anyone.
Her relationship with her exes? Not good!
She sucks.
Honestly, I hope Sydney ended up with Josh.
She didn’t deserve him at all!
Selfish little b*tch!

Although, I dislike Emma, I liked Josh.
He was nice and sweet.
He wasn’t the type of guy Emma would go for because he was decent.
Skanky Emma goes for the ones who like to take advantage of a girl. (ex. Cody)
Josh deserved better.
He deserved the future that he was supposed to have because he was decent.
No girl in the right mind would turn him down the way Emma did.
*Stupid, stupid EMMA!*
Josh was genuine.
I love Josh's character but there were some point in the book that I thought he was becoming like Emma.
He got a little obsessed with the future thing about him and Sydney that he acted stupid.
But he redeemed himself which I was really proud of.

I liked Kellan and Tyson.
Emma looked at Kellan's Facebook page but why not Tyson's?
She would have known the answer to her question about Kellan if she did.

Although I hate Emma for being who she is, I couldn’t blame her for obsessing over what happened to her in the future.
She focused a lot on his husband sure but still she wanted to make things right in her future.
I probably would have done the same if I was in her shoes.
But I think that was the moral lesson of this book, "We should let things take its course."
No matter how much we blame other people for what happens to us in the end we are all responsible for our actions.

The Future of Us was a very quick read.
It was fast-paced.
Jay Asher, you did it again.

I would give this a 4.
Maybe if Emma was a bit like Sydney, I would have liked her.