Abandon - Meg Cabot We all wonder what it would be like in the afterlife.
Will be taken to heaven, hell or will we remain in the in between.
Pierce had a glimpse of what lies after we die.

Pierce died.
She caught a glimpse of what it was like in the Underworld.
She was supposed to stay there until she successfully escaped.
She thought everything would be back to normal.
But she was wrong.
She hasn’t been normal since.
Pierce and her mother moved to Isla Huesos where they thought they’d get a new start.
But the more Pierce tried to run away, the more she gets pulled towards the world that she has escaped.
The man that she was avoiding.
The man who she thinks she maybe falling in love with.

This book was definitely better than the other book I read.
I decided to read two myth-inspired books last week and was extremely disappointed with the other book. (Fury by Elizabeth Miles).
Anyways, what do I think about this book?
Definitely better than the other but not best, not outstanding, it was just okay.

This is a YA-Paranormal Romance novel right? Because if it is, the romance part was kind of lacking for me.
It was good that Pierce and John were not all lovey-dovey because that was getting old.
But a little more spark between them would have been good.
It was lacking something.
Chemistry maybe?
Pierce was I dunno a little dull for me.
So was John.

This would be my first Meg Cabot book.
It was good.
Not really really good that you’ll never forget this book.
It was a bit boring for most part.
A bit dragging.
There were loads of flashbacks but I thought the transitioning was good.
It wasn’t confusing which was good because most of this book was about the flashbacks.
Anyways, I am giving this book a 3.5.