The Day Before - Lisa Schroeder What do you do if you are faced with a tough situation?
Do you stay and fight or do you run away?

The Day Before is my second book of Lisa Schroeder.
I am very happy to say that it didn’t disappoint again.
Just like with I haunt you, You Haunt me it gave me the same emotions maybe even more.

Amber was confused and distraught.
She grew up in a family that loves her but later finds out that they weren’t really her family.
Her real parents were fighting with the family that she grew up with for custody.
Amber didn’t want to be with them.
So Amber left for a day.
She went to the beach where she met Cade.
Amber and Cade were both facing tough situations and they found comfort with each other.
It was just one day but that one day was enough to affect what would happen to them next.

This book was again totally awesome.
The verses this time were more of a poem type this time compared to her first book.
I loved how Ms. Schroeder takes a topic like this one and make it into something so beautiful and creative.
The emotions were as real as before.

Amber’s case does not happen to everyone but not impossible to happen.
I would think that if it did happen the initial reaction of that person would be like hers.
Sad, frustrated and confused.
I guess there maybe some exception for other but majority the feeling would be similar to Amber’s.

Cade had a different case though.
He was afraid not only for his father but also for himself.
He was afraid of what might happen to him after he makes that very important decision.
His struggles were real.
As young as he was, I felt that anyone who would be placed with a similar situation would have the same struggle as he has.

I love the whole story.
Everything was weaved flawlessly together using verses that clearly express everything that happened to both the main characters.
You would find yourself sympathizing for them both as they were too young to face the challenges that they were facing.
I loved how they found strength from each other despite the fact that they just met that day.
All of us affect one another.
People we meet on the streets, our friends, our families.
We are all part of one another whether we acknowledge it or not.
One small gesture of kindness would mean a whole lot to someone else.

I loved this book but not as much as I have love I heart you, You haunt me.

I give this a 4! :D