Meeting Destiny (Destiny, #1) - Nancy Straight Everyone wants to meet their soul mates.
Everyone wants to be with that special person.
What if he/she does appear to you in a dream?
Would you believe that he exists?
What if fate decided to intervene and you did meet, would you leave the person you are with now to be with him/her?

When Lauren turned 18, she has been getting dreams about a man whom he hasn't met yet.
Lauren called him her "destiny".
Silly as she said it might be, she wanted him to be true.
Unexpectedly, Lauren gets shot during an attempted robbery in the place where she worked.
Fate decided to intervene.
The man of his dreams came.
He came in the form of an EMT named Max who had amazing green eyes.
Only problem was she was currently attached to Seth, her longtime best friend.
How would she weigh things?
Will she stay Seth, the person whom she'd known all her life or leave him and be with Max the guy who has been haunting her dreams and turned out to be a reality?

This book was totally amazing!
I wasn’t expected to be this hooked with this book.
I am just saying it because I got this book from the author but because it's true.
The book was just awesome.
Books like these should be promoted more.
There are a lot of things to love about this book.

The pacing was good.
The action was already there on the first few pages of the book and progresses as the story goes along.
It didn’t dwell too much on Lauren the first chapter; it focused more on what happened with Lauren and how she met Max.
You get to know more about Lauren and her struggles as the story goes which for me was very good.

The characters:
Well I couldn’t help but just love Lauren.
I am not a usual fan of insta-love but with this book I have to make an exception.
The instant chemistry or connection between Lauren and Max was so good I wanted to hug them for real.
I found my heart skipping erratically with Lauren every time I read of Max.
Swoon-worthy Max.
Anyways, back to Lauren!
I liked her ability to sense what people were like.
It was a unique ability that I think I haven’t read in any books yet.
She used it without any regard for herself which was why she became a hero!
I don't want to give any more details on that.
I know I have to hate her for you know leaving her boyfriend Seth for Max but I wasn’t mad for some weird reason.
I was actually wanted her to leave Seth.
I know its bad but what can I do? The connection between Max and Lauren was all over the place.
I could feel it so strongly that I could almost feel the electricity they feel when they're together.
Don't get me wrong Seth is a good guy.
I liked Seth and was happy for him in the end.
He was understand and loving.
But he was destined for someone else.
*Ooopppsss was that a spoiler?*

Now my favorite character!
I just adored Max!
I would have traded places with Lauren if I get to be with someone like Max.
I mean he was smoking hot.
Those green eyes I could almost see them.
But seriously, putting all his gorgeousness aside, he was perfect.
He was cool.
He loved the outdoors.
He respected Lauren.
He did not take advantage of her in any way.
He had a little jealous side though which I found real cute.
If I had someone like Max as a boyfriend, I would feel like I won the lottery.

There was a character that I didn’t really expect him to be.
I wouldn’t tell you more about him but he was definitely one of the twists I did not expect.
So was the ending.
It was not a cliff hanger but I was a little sad about the ending.
Poor Max.

I loved how Ms. Straight made myth about how souls connected with each other.
It was very creative.
This book exceeded expectations.
It didn’t just exceed it totally soared higher than what was expected.
I love every minute of it.
Only thing I would have to negatively comment on was the cover.
I was not really crazy about it.
The girl was pretty and all but I would have preferred something more creative, something that would give more justice to the contents of the book.

I give this book a 4.5! :D