The Boyfriend Thief - Shana Norris Would you do anything just to get something?
Would you go as far as stealing someone’s boyfriend just to get what you want?

Avery James was smart.
She was hardworking and protective of her family.
She was the president of the math club.
She was on the list of being valedictorian.
Avery was an achiever.
She was ambitious.
She wants to go to Costa Rica for the summer to volunteer for a medical mission.
She was a little short on money though despite the fact that she worked her butt off (sometimes literally shaking her butt in a hotdog bun suit) just for her to get there.
But still she was a little short on money and her Dad did not have the extra money to pay for the difference.
Her rival, Hannah, who was also on the running for being valedictorian made a proposal.
She wanted Avery to steal her boyfriend and in return she’ll give her $500.
Opportunity only knocks once so Avery accepted the offer.
As she spent more time with Zac her feelings were starting to change.
Has Zac changed melted her hardened heart?
What would Zac do if he finds out Avery and Hannah’s deal?

Okay! :D
Here’s the review.
This book was one of those books that you could read in one sitting.
It was fast, light and fun.

Let me talk about Avery first.
Avery showed me how optimistic I was.
Avery was a little uptight.
Okay a little is an understatement.
She was really really upight.
She though science has an answer to everything.
Ever since her mother left she felt that she had to take over.
She became a little OC because of it.
She pushed people away.
I am not a very optimistic person but compared to her I feel like I’m a ray of sunshine.
How she lived her life was a little too depressing for me.
She buried herself in studying to compensate for the hurt that she felt when her mom left.
I didn’t like her as a character but I couldn’t blame her for being who she was.
It was understandable but not acceptable.
She was too bitter.

Then there’s Zac, the crazy, outgoing and carefree Zac.
I liked him a lot.
He was very fun to read.
I liked how he had these crazy ideas that might actually work if people took him seriously more.
Zac was the exact opposite of Avery which was why this book was awesome.

What I liked about this book was that it didn’t only dwell on Avery’s struggles but also with Zac’s.
The supporting characters like Elliot, Molly, Hannah, Ian (Avery’s brother) and Avery’s Dad all had their share of issues and all were dealt with in the story well.
Zac and Avery’s chemistry was good.
The girl with OCD and the boy with ADHD, perfect match right?!
I liked the book but not totally crazy about it.

I would recommend it to people who want to have a quick and fun read.

I give this a 3.5! :D