Not That Kind of Girl - Siobhan Vivian Not everything could be perfect.
That was a lesson Natalie Sterling had to learn.

Natalie Sterling was the picture of girl who could do nothing wrong.
She was smart.
She was the president of the student council.
She was ambitious.
She wanted everything in her high school life to be prefect so that she could get in her chosen university.
She was the kind of daughter any parent would want.

You think she's perfect?
Think again.
Beneath all of that there is an insecure girl who hides behind her books.
There is this girl was barely has friends because of her goals.
There is this girl who almost never has fun with any guy or her even her friends because of the fear that someone will call her a slut.
She was sad though she doesn’t want to admit it.

Then there's Connor.
Connor was a jock.
The type of guy every high school girl dreams of dating.
He was handsome.
He has a good body. *YUMM!*
He may seem like the type of guy who would talk about nothing but how to get girls to take their pants off but he was NOT!
There was more to him than meets the eye.
He was sweet.
He was a good son.
When he likes someone he'll do anything for her.

Natalie always wants her life to be perfect but no matter how much you want it to be perfect somewhere along the way there will always be something that will go wrong.
No matter what decisions you make some of them will not always be right.

I loved the story because it teaches us how we can all make mistakes but making those mistakes teaches us something.
Mistakes are not there to hold us down but to teach us a lesson so that we could grow.
A perfect example of this would be what happened to Natalie's friend Autumn.

All the characters did their part.
Autumn learned her lesson and learned it well.
It just took her a little bit of time before she goes out of her shell.
I admire Spencer for being who she is.
I may not have the spunk that she has but I admire her of not being afraid to tell everyone what she believes in or what she believes is right.
Then there's Mike.
I hate Mike.
He's the reason why I would never want to go back to high school.
He's the exact opposite of Connor.
I don’t know how they became best friends in the first place.

I liked this book but not really love it.
The moral lesson of the story was clear and well executed.
I think everyone who will read the book will get a clear idea as to what the message of the author is trying to convey.

Though I don't really like Natalie that much but I love Connor!

Connor. *sigh*

Dear Connor,

If Natalie dumps you when she goes to college, I’ll be here.



I rate this 3.5!
I love the cover by the way.
Totally Connor out there. :D