Fade - Kailin Gow What if the life you’ve always known has been a lie.
What if you are not really who you think you are?
What would you do if someone told you that you are going to fade?

Celestra Caine’s life has been pretty normal.
She was your average teenage girl who had a hot jock boyfriend and family that loves her.
But on one fateful day all of that would change.
All she ever knew she needed to forget.
Her family has already faded.
Now she needs to fade too.

This would be my first book of Kailin Gow.
I’ve had this on my mini library for some time and finally picked it up.

“What if you found out you never existed?”

This was the statement that caught my attention.
The concept of Fade was unique.
To Fade was to become someone else entirely.
I am not sure why they fade the others but for Celes’ case it was because she was special.
They considered her a national threat which was why there were people who were after her and why the Underground needed her to fade, to protect her from them.

I liked Ms. Gow’s writing style.
It was simple yet very descriptive.

The book was short.
Really short actually.
It leaves you asking for more.
I don’t know if that's intended or not but I hope that Ms. Gow made it longer rather than cutting it to three books.
I hope that there was more of it in the first book.

I gave this book a 4 because I liked the concept.
If it has been longer or executed better it would have been a huge success.
The concept of people from some other planet coming to earth for refuge because their home planet has been eradicated seemed cool.
It sort of sounded like Superman but still I liked it.

The characters were okay.
I have kind of love-hate Celes.
Mainly because though she was not whiny and stuff she still went back even when she was told not to.
Celes was one of those characters who does what she wants and doesn’t think the implications of her actions.

Jack on the other hand was a different story.
When I first read about Jack who's last name was Simple.
My first reaction was like what?!
Is that even a last name?

It was exactly how Celes reacted when he introduced himself.
What do I like about him?
He was gorgeous with his British accent.
He was like an undercover agent for the CIA only their agency was not the CIA but was called the Underground.
He was a fader.
I wish I had gotten to know him more if this book was longer.
You will get a glimpse of his past though which was good.
But you don't get to see much of who Celestra really is.

I really thought that this book would earn my first 5.
It started so strong for me but towards the end it became a little predictable.
I will be reading the other two books just to find out who Jack and Celes really is and what will happen to Celes' ex-bf or current bf Grayson.

I will be giving this book a 4.