Angel Evolution - David Estes Taylor was having persistent nightmares.
The latest one was about the same snake that has been in her dreams and two haloed individuals who offered her a drink.
Our heroine wakes up and the story begins.
Taylor was starting his freshman year at UT.
On her first day, she met Gabriel.
Who was Gabriel?
Why was she seeing weird light around him?
Who was he really?

This book was definitely interesting.
It steered away from the typical Angel and Demon stories.
It was very creative.
It was fresh.
This book actually has the potential to be a very good book if it wasn’t for the characters.
I felt they were a little undeveloped.

Let’s talk about Taylor and Gabriel.
Taylor has a weird habit of looking for a four leaf clover everywhere she went.
But still I kind of liked her.
Gabriel on the other hand, frightened me a bit.
I knew there was something wrong about him from the start.
I just didn’t know how their feelings for each other developed after 2 dates.
I am not really a fan of insta-love and I liked that this book was not like that but the development of the attraction between Taylor and Gabriel was just too fast for me.
Too fast that Gabriel decided to betray his kind for Taylor.

For me a good YA book should have a good story, good characters and good writing.
For me this book has two of those just a little behind on character development but I couldn’t judge yet because I haven’t read the other books so I guess we’ll have to find out. :D