The Juliet Spell - Douglas Rees I was kind of hesitant in reading this book because of the last book I read about Romeo and Juliet. They were trying to kill each other which was a little disturbing, unque but disturbing. I actually had to put that book down. It was a bit dragging so I had to pause on that book.

Miranda auditioned for a play.
Guess what the play was?
It was Romeo and Juliet. Obviously, she wanted to play Juliet.
Miri didn’t get the part but that didn’t stop her.
She wanted it so bad she even went as far as casting a spell to make sure she becomes Juliet.
Something did happened but it was not what she was expecting.
A guy appeared in her room.
Who was the guy?
Was it Romeo?
Hell no, Romeo was just a figment of Shakespeare’s imagination.
Who she got was way better than Romeo, Shakespeare’s brother himself, Edmund right out of the 1500s.

This book was very fun to read. I enjoyed reading about Miranda and her cluelessness. It was funny. I know others might not find it good but I kind of wanted to read about a funny girl for a change. Although most of the time (I must admit) she is a little annoying. She can’t seem to figure out what she wants and doesn’t want.

Although I enjoyed reading about Miri, I mostly enjoyed reading about Edmund. For me he was the star of the show. Imagine someone from another time crossing over to the present and seeing all sort of stuff that didn’t exist in his time. Imagine him with weird way of speaking and his childlike innocence. Let me give you an example of how he curses:
“ Ye're the whoreson heir of a mongrel b*tch, an eater of broken meat and the very flower of the pox!"
Cool huh?! :D
I found that really cute. I found him really really cute. *hihi*

For me it seemed like a pretty good attempt. I enjoyed it. I just had a little issue with Miri's mom being okay with the whole set up. I wish my mother would allow me to let a cute guy live with us too. :D

I am the type of reader who loves happy endings. Romeo and Juliet was a tragedy so I think the author thought this book should be too. But really I thought the ending was sad but then I think I wouldn’t have wanted the ending any other way.

The book was a little crazy and sweet. It was the type of read that would make you smile while reading it. Miri was not the best female characters out there but she was one of the ones I like.

4 stars!