Shut Out - Kody Keplinger Ideally rivalries happen between two different schools but in Shut Out it happened in one school between two different spots team: soccer and football. The feud between the two teams has been going on for sometime now and the girlfriends are suffering. Lissa could not stand it any longer. She felt that her boyfriend Randy always put her second after the feud and it was getting on her nerves. What she and the other girls did was do a sex-strike. No sex until the feud was over. Everything was working fine until the boys decided to fight back. Boys against girls. Who was going to win?

The first book I read by Ms. Keplinger was the Duff which I loved dearly. Shut Out however didn’t really give me the same feeling as the Duff did.

What I liked about this book was how it showed us how most people are very judgmental. They think if you slept with other people you’re a slut. But really I don’t think that’s true. There are a lot who does worse but chose to point fingers at others as if they are so clean. I just hate hypocrites. Just wanted to make this point because that was what the other girls/boys said about Chloe which would probably be my favorite character in this book. She’s just a supporting character but I guess she was the one who I could really relate to.

I didn’t like Lissa. I read a lot of uptight girls in books recently (The Boyfriend Thief, Not that Kind of Girl ect.) and I liked most of them and the not liked ones include Lissa. Why? I’m not really sure. She was a smart girl who thought about the sex-strike. I HATED THE IDEA. To me sex was not sort a price that you give to someone just because they did what you want. I am not a conservative person but I really would not agree to something that stupid. It will work most definitely if all the guys are sex-addicts. This is a big NO-NO for me. I have no issues with girls having sex just don’t use it as a leverage to make someone do what you want to because that is definitely not the purpose of sex. Call me old-fashioned but I just wasn’t really comfortable to the sex-strike thing.

Aside from Chloe, I also liked Cash. I loved him actually. He was sensitive, loves his family and loves books. GAWWWDD! :D A hot guy who loves books what more can you ask for?! I was a little disappointed though that I never get to know what he was thinking during the flashbacks. It would have been nice to know more about him.

The thing between Lissa and Cash was cute. In fact it was one of the cutest I’ve read so far. The only issue I really had with this book was the sex-strike. Hahaha. Sorry but I had to bring it up again.

All in all I liked the book but I really just didn’t like the sex-strike (again!). I give it a 3.