Lies Beneath - Anne Greenwood Brown

I have tons of book boyfriends.
I have JEM from ID.
I have Jace from MI.
Both are nephilims.
I have Noah Shaw from Unbecoming of Mara Dyer.
He's human. At least in the mean time I think he is.
I have Prince Ash from Iron Fey series.
He's my fairy bf.
I have Jacob from Twilight Series.
He's a werewolf.
I have Peeta from HG.
I have another human BF.
I also have Lucas from Starcrossed.
He's descendant of Paris of Troy.

When I read Lies Beneath, I knew I found a new book bf. :D
A mermaid BF this time.

Its a super cool book!
It was fast paced and interesting.
Changed the way I look at mermaids.
This book would be released on my birthday!
I was meant to read this book.

4.5! :D My almost 5 for the YEAR!

*full review to come near release date!*