The Darkest Night - Gena Showalter Oh-La-la! :D

The reason why I read this book was because of its Greek myth theme to it. I was not really expecting the S.T.E.A.M.Y scenes I’d be reading.

The premise of this book is just amazing. Gosh! How did you come up with that Ms. Showalter? :D I was really impressed how believable the myth you have woven for this story. Pandora was there but the rest of the Greek Gods weren’t mentioned individually though.

The immortal warriors of the Greek gods were punished because of the release of the demons inside the box that Pandora was guarding. Each warrior hosts one demon as a punishment for releasing the evil that resides within the box and our main protagonist Maddox was the host of Violence. His urge to kill people was incontrollable which caused the death of Pandora. The Lords of the Underworld (the warriors cursed by the gods) lived in Budapest dealing with their own demons.

Our female protagonist was Ashlyn Darrow. She desperately wanted the voices to disappear and when she is with Maddox it does.

The characters on this book were very well crafted. I liked how each of the LOTU had their own defining characteristics. You get to know each and everyone of the characters main or supporting.

The Darkest Night is definitely a book I’ll remember. I will be reading the rest of the series when I get the time. I am very curious about how this series would turn out. I am not a usual reader of books with HOT stuff in it but I don’t regret reading this!

If recommend it for those readers who want something new and steamy! Hahaha. Not just steamy but SERIOUSLY STEAMY read then I highly recommend this.

4 stars