Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) - Sarah Mlynowski I could sum up this book in one word: HILARIOUS!
I had a whole lot of fun reading this.
It was crazy.
Everything they did was crazy.
Maybe that was the reason I had fun reading it.
I didn’t do the things they did when I was their age.
I wouldn’t do it even if I could.
You guys must be curious why I found this book so entertaining.

April’s dad just blurred out one day that they were going to move to Ohio.
Devastated April didn’t want to move to Ohio.
She didn’t want to leave her friends.
Her school.
She didn’t want to leave Noah, her *cough* boyfriend.
She and friend Vi planned a scheme so that she could stay in Connecticut.
Funny thing was it actually worked!
April get to stay at Vi’s house.
No parents.
No rules.
Fat bank account.
No curfew. (There is but daddy is not going to find out because no one was going to tell him! Hahaha.)
Party galore.
Drinking spree.
Alone time with bf.
These girls get to do whatever they wanted without adult supervision.
Fun right?
It is.
Until something happened and she gets hurt.
Things weren’t that fun anymore.

This book tackles teenage struggles.

April may seem to be okay with it but she was pretty distraught with the split-up of her parents.
She felt betrayed by both her mother and her father.
Her friends and boyfriend cough*, Noah were the ones who were there to get her through the tough divorce of her parents.
She felt attached to her friends because of that.

* SEX!
And more SEX!
It was funny how April and Vi planned how they were going to lose their virginity.
Its weird reading about it like that maybe because here in the Philippines we are a bit conservative regarding those things.
We do not talk about SEX if we can avoid it.
But for these kids, it was a pretty big deal for them.
I mean yeah it’s a big deal but not THAT big of a deal.
I may not be comfortable with what they did but it is reality.
There are a lot of teens struggling with the same thing: When they were going to do it.

No matter how hard you think you could hide the truth, it would come out in the end.
You can’t get away with lying.
Fate has a way of letting the truth out.
April and Vi lied but this is not for them.
Someone else was lying in this book and I would let you guys guess who that f*ck is.

The characters were believable.
I liked April.
She’s made stupid decisions. (A lot of them)
She was immature. (Planning sex was immaturish for me)
She was disrespectful towards her mom. (I understand why though)
Why did I like her?
Because she learned from those mistakes that she made.
Also she was very funny.
I liked Vi too.
She was just like my best friend.
Marissa was the opposite of Vi.
Marissa and Vi balances April which was good.
Both of them were good friends.
Hudson and Dean were cool.
I liked them immediately too.
Especially Hudson.
Who would have known that that was his secret?
I’m impressed!
Then there’s the boyfriend.
I don’t even want to talk about Noah.
Let’s skip him shall we?
The characters were like real people.
They were flawed.

The author’s writing style was superb.
I loved it.
Especially the little titles during back flashes.
I will definitely be reading more books with your name on it Ms. Mlynowski!

Ten Things we Did (and Probably Shouldn’t Have) is definitely a favorite!
It maybe a funny novel but then it also has lessons that you could learn from.
There was more to this book that kids planning on when to have sex or lying to their parents.

Before you decide to have SEX with someone, make sure he/she is clean.


Just kidding.

I gave this a 5 because I had a blast reading it.
It made me laugh, it made me smile.
I just love it.

I recommend it for anyone who wants a good laugh. :D