Every Other Day - Jennifer Lynn Barnes If you are looking for a book with a kickass heroine and fabulous plot then Every Other Day is for you.
I was completely blown away by the superb writing, wonderful characters and a plot that would mess you up for good in a good way.
It was totally-out-of-this-world fantastic.
Ms. Jennifer Lynn Barnes, this book is astounding!
This book is definitely worth rereading twice, trice or even a hundred times.
It may sound exaggerated but hey I really liked it so sue me. :D

Kali seemed normal at first sight but she was not.
One day she was as normal as you and me and the next day she was fearless hunter who kills hellhounds, zombies and all kinds of monsters that we thought only exist in our imagination.
The problem started when she saw one of the cheerleaders at school, Bethany had an ouroboro on her lower back which meant that she was infected by a deadly parasite that would eventually kill her.
Despite being in human form Kali felt it was her responsibility to save this girl.
Now it was up to Kail, Bethany and Skylar (the school slut who was also Kali’s only friend, sort of) to discover the conspiracy behind what was happening.

Seriously, this book was like a drug. It was addicting and intoxicating.
It was super fast paced which in my opinion suited the story.
There was action, action, action!
There wasn’t only action but also some romance in it.
Yep, you got it. It has a bit of romance too which added a bit of flavor to the already good mixture of the book.
Ms. Barnes you are a genius.

I loved Kali. Well, a girl who kicks hellhound’s butt is definitely worthy of my adoration. Seriously, she rocks. Of course there were times that she had the “I am alone” drama but still I loved her. She was one character I would definitely not be forgetting anytime soon.

It wasn’t only Kali I liked though. Skylar and Bethany were great secondary characters. Skylar would have to be one of my favorites. She was a little weird but that’s what I loved about her. She was outspoken and carefree. Bethany on the other hand was your typical b*tch cheerleader but made a 180 degrees as the story progresses. You’ll learn to love her too.

Then there was Zev… Sigh…Yeah he was a little creepy but it worked with all the craziness of this book. CRAP! Now I have to be unfaithful to my other book boyfriends.

I would have to say that this is also one of my almost five stars books for the year. Still haven’t given a five for any book yet. I give this book a 4.75! Why? Because I had a little problem with the pace of the book it was a little too fast paced for me. I usually prefer slower paced books and it’s a surprised I liked this book given it’s very very fast pace. I don’t think this book would have a sequel but I really hope it does. I wouldn’t mind reading more about Kali, Zev and the whole bunch.

My almost 5. 4.74!