Falling for Hamlet - Michelle Ray Falling for Hamlet is a retelling of a Shakespearean play. I would ask you guys to guess but I think it’s pretty obvious already. Hehehe. It’s a modern day retelling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. I honestly haven’t read that yet so I can’t really say how close or how far Ms. Ray was with the original work. But maybe it was for the

Anyways, Falling for Hamlet is one of those books that would stick to you because it was unique. It was a retelling yes but it was done in a good way. Also, I was not expecting how this book really stuck with the play. I thought it was a cheesy love story where the main characters were named after the characters from Hamlet. I also read another retelling of a more famous Shakespeare play which was the Juliet Spell. Juliet Spell was though a tragedy (not a real happy ending) it did not follow through with Romeo and Juliet as much as Falling for Hamlet did with Hamlet.

Instead of the story being told in Hamlet’s POV, it was told in Ophelia’s who was also a character in the original Hamlet play. What was more amazing about it was that aside from Ophelia’s flashbacks on what’s happening, we were also getting glimpses of her interview with a talk show host and with the police. Cool Huh? HELL YEAH!

The characters they said were based on the original Shakespearean work and I liked them all. Firstly there’s Ophelia that I just loved to hate but can’t. She was pretty and the girlfriend of a prince. Who could compete with that? (Can you tell I’m really envious?!) Anyway what I really liked about how willing she was to protect those people she loves. She was sweet and crazy in love with Hamlet. She had to face rather difficult situations that on my opinion were handled pretty well.

If you are a fan of Shakespeare and wants to get see a version of Hamlet in the present day then I highly recommend this book.
The cover really got me fooled. I never expected this book to end up the way it did.
All the while I thought I was going to get loads of cheesiness like the typical YA romance novel but I was wrong.