Carrier of the Mark - Leigh Fallon When I first saw this book I was so enchanted by the cover.
I was like “WOW look at that cover!!”
I thought the cover was just gorgeous and I told myself I had to get my hands on that book.
When I clutched the book in my hands, the feeling of excitement overwhelmed me.



Almost immediately after I got it, I started to read…

My reaction started like this.

Animated Gifs

Then this.

Do Not Want

Then finally..

Do Not Want

Alas! Book covers and synopsis could be very deceiving.

This book reminds me of a book very close to my heart.
Unfortunately, that is not a good thing.
This book would have to be the most disappointing book I have read.
The cover masked the unsightliness of this book.




Twilight may not be the best book out there but it’s my first YA book so whatever happens I would still love Twilight and would always dislike books that would come close or imitate its story.
Sad to say, The Carrier of the Mark was one of those books.
I wouldn’t mind the similarity if it were just little things but as I was reading the book majority of it was a Twilightish.
It was infuriating.
All my excitement went down the drain.

Let me give you a few examples of what I meant about it being Twilightish:

1. Megan’s first day at a new school and already the first person to talk to her knew her name.
Because it was a small town?
(Forks anyone?)

2. First day of school Adam was staring intently at Megan.
Megan stared back.
Megan couldn’t get him out of her head.
They were in love!
EdwardBella Pictures, Images and Photos
(I knew someone who had the same feeling towards each other.
What was their name again?
Oh right, it was Edward and Bella!)

3. Adam and his siblings, his sister and his brother. Their names start with an A and an R.
Now Edward has siblings too right?
What were their names again?
Rosalie and Alice?
I heard A was close with Meghan and R has a bit of an issue with what they are.
You think I was talking about Rosalie and Alice right?
I was talking about Adam’s siblings.
Was it a coincidence?

4. Adam has special powers.
Megan being super duper attracted to Adam didn’t care.
Adam saying he tried to stay away but he couldn’t do it much longer.
(I would know that line anywhere.
Gosh Edward, why do you have to let someone else borrow your line!!
Adam can’t you find your own pickup line?)

5. The Tracker.
Yep. Megan was being followed by a Tracker.
Wait a minute, wasn’t Bella being followed by James?
And what was James called?
That’s right, a TRACKER!

6. If Megan and Adam get kids, it would be an abomination.
Really now?
Didn’t they think that way too with Renesemee?

There’s actually more but I don’t really have the time to list them all.
If I did, I probably would be copying the book and pasting it here.

Well, the book was not entirely bad.
I did love the thing about them being Elementals.
(But I already read a book about that which was more original by the way. No Twilight stuff.)
Carrier of the Mark had potential.
If this book didn’t remind me so much of Twilight I would have liked it.
The author’s writing style was okay.
The setting was perfect.
The myth about the Marked being able to wield and control the elements was okay with me too.
I didn’t like the kissing stuff though.
It was a little too much for me.

I am so sorry.
This may seem like a hate review but its not.
I am just really disappointed because I didn’t think it would be Twilightish.
I guess the moral lesson here is not to expect too much on the cover.
I really wanted to like this book.


It’s a 2.5 for me.