Speak - Laurie Halse Anderson I had my own share of unpleasant experience back in high school. But none of them could compare to what Melinda went through.

Our action always has a consequence. When you do something bad it comes back to you. What Melinda did was right. But why was she being hated for it?

After the incident at a party where Melinda called the police, people haven’t looked at her the same way again. But what other people doesn’t know is what really happened there that made her do it.

What really made her do it?

Something happened to Melinda at the night of the party. She copes with what happened by not talking about it. She stirs away from people and keeps to herself. No one asks her what happened. They stay away from her because of what she did but no one ever asked her why she did it.


These types of books are really worth the read. I have read other books that I loved that deals with real issues (Forbidden, But I Love Him and A Million Little Pieces) and I loved them all. I just like reading about something that is entirely new to me but still it feels like I am right there experiencing what the characters were going through. With Speak, I experienced the same. Though I had a little issue with how Melinda narrated it I still found this book good. I did not focus on how it was told. I focused more on what the message was behind all of those words.

One lesson I learned here is not to quickly judge someone based on their actions. I mean I already know that but still I am a little guilty of this too. Sometimes, we tend to focus on what others did wrong rather that knowing why they did it.

The second lesson I learned is to not be afraid to speak up. I could understand why Melinda was hesitant to tell anyone about what happened. She was afraid of what other people would think of her. Speaking up will free you from a lot of things. The pain. The hurt. The longing to be heard. All you have to do is open your mouth and say it. And Melinda did.

The thing that I had been struggling with this book was the narrating style. I was not really a fan but I loved everything else about this book.

Would I recommend it?


It is definitely an eye opener. These things happen. Its not entirely fiction. The characters maybe fictionalized but the contents of this book might have already happened to someone we don’t know.

All in all I really liked the book. :D

4 stars