The Predicteds - Christine Seifert INITIAL THOUGHTS:

I’ve read tons of books that have great covers but with a not so good story line which made a little hesitant to read this book. I was curious to know what the real content of this book is. The Goodreads summary was very short and not entirely what the whole book was about. That summary didn’t do the book any justice!


Daphne recently transferred to Quiet, Oklahoma with her mother Melissa. On her first day, a shooting incident occurred where she was saved by Jesse who held of the attacker. Not long after that, rumors has been going around that the results of the program called PROFILE was going to be released to prevent further incidents like the shooting.

But what is PROFILE?

Profile is a program created by Daphne's mother Melissa. It was made to predict the possible future they would have. They maybe predicted to a teacher, an alcoholic, a president, a drug user or a criminal.

Jesse, the guy who saved her (and who she was developing feelings for) was a predicted. He was predicted to commit violence in his future. Daphne was caught between trusting Jesse and believing all the things that has been said about him.


I liked how the story developed. It was not too fast and not too slow. As you read through the book you'll learn more about not only about PROFILE but also the main characters. Though this book was solely told in Daphne's POV you'll still get a clear picture of who the other characters were and how the fit into the picture of the story.


I am not sure I liked her or not. She was smart without knowing it which I think is a common characteristic on most of the lead female characters in YA books. Most of the time, I felt that she thinks she was better than everyone else in QHS even though she doesn’t say it. She gives these funny witty remarks which I found entertaining. She hangs out with girls she barely likes and is sometimes pretty sarcastic with people who only wanted to be friends with her. I liked the book but I don’t think I really liked Daphne all that much.

Jesse is a different story though. I loved Jesse. OMG! He was totally the guy for me. LOL. He was courageous, mysterious, sweet and handsome. Gosh what more can you ask for?! But seriously I thought he was one of the better characters in this book. He was pretty much as well developed as Daphne. I didn’t feel that much connection between them though. I think it was insta-love on his end and not with hers which I thought was kind of cute because usually it’s the girls who falls first.

I didn’t like Daphne but the opposite goes for her mother. I love Melissa! I thought she was a great mother. I just didn’t agree with her keeping things from Daphne because as they always say, "Secrets couldn’t be kept forever."

I didn’t like the mean girls. They were totally b*tchy and stuckup and think they were all that because they weren’t predicted and stuff. Dizzy was sort of okay. Brooklyn was well she was the most b*tchy one. I wanted to punch her face when I read about the incident in Dell's. Lexus and Cuteny? Well I hate their names. I mean their parents must hate them for giving them such terrible names. One was named after a car and the other one was well I dunno how they even got that name. Cuteny? Is that even a name?

Then there's January, the sister of the shooter and the victim of an attack. She was Jesse's best friend or so he said. I pitied her. She was the victim of two things that she had no control over. It's not her fault that her brother wanted to bring a gun and shoot people. It also wasn’t her fault that she was attacked. She wanted so much to fit in but she was already judged because of what her brother did. I feel for her.


It took me by surprise. It caught me off guard. I was surprised and caught of guard in a good way. This book was awesome! I loved the book from start to finish. There were very minor things I didn’t like that isn't even worth mentioning.

It wasn’t just the story itself that I liked but also how she tackled the mob mentality in a different way.

Overall, I really love this book and I do highly recommend it. It is a very good book with really believable scenarios. I think in the future PROFILE could really be possible. The human mind is a very wonderful and dangerous thing. It could either be used for the betterment of society or for its destruction. In this book, PROFILE was created for a good use but had a negative effect on society.

I give this book a very well deserved 5 stars!


My bad!
I forgot to mention the bad guy here!
Not the person I was expecting!