Crank - Ellen Hopkins Life was good
before I
the monster.
was great,
for a little while.


I am always drawn and intrigued by books that deal with real human problems and emotion.
I have read books on incest, abuse and alcoholism.
Crank is actually one of those books.

Crank is a story about how a normal teenage girl became a substance abuser.
It was written in meaningful verses that would keep you glued to its pages.

Kristina was as shy and reserved.
Bree was fun and outgoing.
Kristina is Bree.
Bree is Kristina.
Kristina faded into the background when she met the monster.
Adam introduced her to crank.
Bree gets addicted.
She wanted it more and more until she couldn’t stop.
She is now dependent to the monster.
Kristina loses control over herself to Bree.

This is a seriously sad story.
Kristina had a good life.
Not perfect but good.
I couldn’t get why she gave into drugs.
Sure she met a good looking guy who does it but does she have to do it to.
She had the opportunity to refuse but she didn’t.
Things spiraled out of control and she became addicted.
What I also don’t get is why there was nothing done about her situation.
That is just crappy!
Sure her mother loves her (I think) but she should have done something.
They should have done something.
This book didn’t really end in a good way but since there is a sequel I can’t really be sure how Kristina’s story ends.

What I loved about Crank is that it deals with teens getting into drug abuse.
Ms. Hopkins made this book to open up our eyes to the reality of what teens could or is going through with drug abuse.
The author used an indirect approach in making the readers realize how dangerous drug abuse is.

I felt my heart crushing every time Kristina/Bree made the wrong decision.
Every wrong move that she did made me want to hold her tight and not let go until she stopped.
It breaks my heart reading this.
Sometime my stomach couldn’t take it anymore.
It just wasn’t right.
But I know that it is happening to people.
That was what makes me feel worse.
The fact that there are a lot of people with the same problem but they weren’t getting the support that they need to overcome the addiction.

This is not the end of Kristina’s story.
The sequel is called Glass.
Haven’t read it yet but hopefully she would get better.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

This book somehow reminded me of A Million Little Pieces by James Frey.
Both books were based on a true account.
But with James’ story he eventually gets better.
Hopefully, Kristina/Bree does too.

I give this book 4 stars!