Fall For Me - Melanie Marks I just hate cheaters!
I hate it when a guy thinks he can do whatever he wants behind his girlfriend’s back just because he knows she loves him and would be able to forgive him.
I hate guys who take advantage.
Why am I saying all these things?
Let me explain.

Zoey’s boyfriend kissed someone else behind her back and now Finn (Zoey’s boyfriend) gave her a “Free Pass”.
Free pass to kiss anyone she liked so that it would ease him of someone of his guilt on what happened. (I mean seriously?)
Zoey being the good girlfriend that she was didn’t take the Free Pass despite her attraction to Finn’s best friend Riley who she wanted to kiss despite telling herself repeatedly not to think about it.

Here’s the thing, I kind of love and hated this book.
I liked it because it was cute and sweet.
I hated it because it was short.
I liked how the story developed but I think I would have liked it better if Zoey hasn’t been so accusing on the first few pages or no actually the whole book.
She has accused Riley of hating her a lot.
My gosh! It was irritating.
Zoey whines a lot and I didn’t like that.
She was a bit of a tease but couldn’t stand up for it.
Not really a Zoey fan but it was different thing for Riley.
I L.O.V.E Riley!
Totally swoon-worthy!
He was a player but when he likes someone then well he just gives everything.
And I loved the fact that he was good with kids.
Then there is Finn.
What do I have to say to him?
Dhfaiopgoa biopdg haperguaer
* I want to punch his freaking face until I break all his facial bones!*
What a Loser!

Anyways, this book was very short and sweet.
I liked it but not that much.
Hope there was more to it though.
A little disappointed but still good.

Will I be reading more of Ms. Mark’s novellas?

I will be definitely! :)

I liked the uniqueness of how she writes and the story that she makes.

I give it 3 stars!