How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend - Janette Rallison "I bet you Cinderella didn't get along with Prince Charming's friends. Oh sure, the knights and barons probably put up with her on account that she was pretty and had such dainty feet and all, but you know every duchess and countess in the kingdom hated her guts. That's how women are when someone encroaches on their turf."


I hate people who think they’re better than everybody else because they’re rich.
I am not stereotyping here okay.
I said I hate people who think they’re better because they’re rich not just plain rich people.
Having money doesn’t give you leverage.
It has its perks but then again you are NOT better than everyone else.
Money could buy you tons of things but not real friends.
Why do I hate those types of people? Because I know a few of them and they make my blood boil.

How to take the Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend is a cute and amusing read.
I loved how Ms. Rallison tackled not only how Giovanna wanted to get her ex-boyfriend Jesse back but also other stuff like family, friendship and other stuff like that.
I liked how it wasn’t entirely the typical YA romance novel with the whole book just about Giovanna and Jesse and their relationship.

Giovanna broke up with her boyfriend Jesse and now she wants him back.

Why’d she break up with him?

Giovanna is known to be very emotional and because of one emotional outburst she broke up with Jesse just because he chose to support Wilson instead of her brother Dante as a student council president.

I loved everything about this book starting from the title to its last page.
As I mentioned earlier it was cute and amusing.
This is my first book of Ms. Rallison and definitely won’t be the last.

The title of the book is definitely what made me want to read it.
“How to take the Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend”
Catchy right?
It’s a good thing that its content actually lived up to its pretty cover and appealing title.

Let me start by saying that I am quite emotional myself so I could relate to how Giovanna took how Jesse made the decision of campaigning for Wilson instead of her brother.
I love Jesse and all but still all this drama should have been prevented if he just explained in the first place why he had to do it but if that happens then there wouldn’t be this book right?
Another issue for me was Giovanna’s lack of trust on her boyfriend.
I mean weren’t they supposed to be in love?
And being in love means trusting each others decision to be what would be best for the two of you.
Giovanna has trust issues which I could also relate to.
I think Giovanna and me had tons in common which was one of the reasons why I liked this book.

This book was very light and fast read although I wasn’t able to finish it as fast I would have done if I didn’t have work but it is a very fast read.
If you are looking for a book that doesn’t have sex, kissing or curses or in other words “clean” read then this is definitely one of them.
There were times that I found the plot a little boring but it then gets better.
The ending was well a little predictable but I still enjoyed it.
This book was humorous with a lesson to teach.
Trust, Communication and Love is essentially the three things that would make a relationship work and for me Giovanna and Jesse failed on two of them but were able to fix their issues in the end.

The ending?

Cinderella got her prince back and they lived happily ever after.

I give this book 4 stars