Book of Love - Abra Ebner “What once hurt, eventually helped me to heal.”

Books involving Angels have always been a fascination to me.
There are a couple of Angel books that I love like the Unearthly series and Hush Hush.
And Knight Angels made it to one of my favorites.
It was told in multiple alternating POVs which was executed flawlessly.
This book deserves more attention.
There are a lot of overrated books nowadays that books like these are barely noticed.

Jane and Emily’s life changed forever after their father died.
Jane was with their father when he died.
After that she gained the ability to see how people will die which changes every time their actions change.
Emily on the other hand also had a gift but was trying to drown it down by getting herself high on drugs.
She could read minds which others would treat it as a gift but she doesn’t want it.
Then Max enters the picture.
Max seems to know much about the sisters but was specifically attached to Jane.
When their father died Max was there.
Max was an angel and he spared Jane’s life which was why she was still alive today.
But the consequence of that was her ability to see how people will die (not really a very nice gift if you ask me).
Max’s brother Greg was the darker angel.
Greg was there to make Max’s life miserable enough to make him join his cause.
He wanted Max to join the dark side which Max didn’t want to despite the many attempts.
Wes, Jane’s best friend, was also special.
He was raised by his foster parents and he didn’t have a clue of what he was until recently.

Why did Max spare Jane’s life?
Why did Jane and Emily have these abilities?
What power did Wes have?
What will happen when Jane found out about Max and Greg?
What things would Greg do to make Max join him?

All these questions unfold itself in a steady pace as you go through the book.
I don’t want to reveal anything in this review because it really would best to experience the whole rollercoaster ride.

First of I would have to say I was pretty impressed with how unique the plot of this story was.
It was fascinating to read something like this one.

Here are the things I liked and did not like with this book:

1. There were parts that I felt was a little cliché-ish like the INSTA-love between Max and Jane.
That didn’t fit well with me
Some books could get away with it without it being annoying but this book was not one of them.

2. As per character development I think it was pretty okay.
There was a bit of stereotyping.
Jane was the good girl while the other sister Emily was the bad one.
Max was the good boy and the brother Greg was the bad one.
I would have preferred Emily to not be the way she is but still Emily would have to be my favorite character.
I liked her more than I do Jane.
Jane was a little boring and I liked reading Emily’s POV better.
Wes was a little whiny for a guy.
Greg interests me like Emily did.
He was the bad guy but I wanted to read more about him.

3. The alternating POV would probably be my favorite part of this book.
It was written so flawlessly that it was like watching a movie with little thought bubbles on top of each character.
There were not a lot of authors that did this and succeeded in making it this flawless.
For me it was one of the good things about this book.

4. Interesting take on good and bad angels and everything supernatural in between.

5. The ending was pretty good too.
It was packaged in a way that you’d crave more about what happened to them rather than being glad that the book was over.

6. Jane would have to be included in my disliked heroine list.
I wasn’t really rooting for her at all.
She may be the main character but there was very little to be liked from her.
I prefer Emily to be the lead heroine here I liked how edge she was although I hate the drug abuse stuff.

7. Max.
I love him.
Need I say more? :)

All in all I thought this book was good.
It was an attention grabber from start to finish.
There were tons of details that would keep you hooked in its pages.
The plot was executed in a good way although most of the time I feel that there were some irrelevant scenes here and there but still I thought this book was pretty good for a self-published book.

Will I recommend it?

Yes I will. It is a very promising series and hope that the next books will be just as good.

I give this book 4 stars!