The Ex Games - Jennifer Echols You had a bet. You couldn't lose a bet. If you had a choice between me and winning, you'll choose winning every time. It's still true.

I had so much fun reading this book!
It was hilarious, sweet and cute.
There were a couple of times that I found myself awwwing and sighing and giggling as I was reading this book.
There was so much chemistry between Hayden and Nick.
They were scorching hot without even trying.

Hayden and Nick used to be a thing back in seventh grade.
That was until Hayden found out that it was all just a bet.
Four years after their friends started going out with each other leaving Hayden and Nick both single among their friends.
Hayden was a snowboarding enthusiast and is aspiring to go pro someday.
Nick was not impressed however which caused Hayden to challenge him on a snowboarding contest.
Their friends took side of course.
It was girls versus boys.
Would Hayden be able to prove to Nick that she could do it?
Or will Nick be able to prove to Hayden what she really means to him?

Gosh this book was cute!
I loved everything about this book.
Let me rephrase that.
I loved everything about this book except the cover.
I wasn’t exactly a fan of that but what the heck!
The story was just ooohhh ssoooo cute and hilarious.

I liked this book because I was simple.
It doesn’t have a complex plot but it still keep you hooked to its pages because how the author developed the character and their relationship with each other.

What I found really funny was how Nick despite of his natural charisma towards girls was not able to really confess to Hayden how he feels.
It was like he never outgrew 7th grade.
Some boys really do have a weird way of expressing their interest towards someone they like.
Nick was a very good example.
He made Hayden feel that he doesn’t like her when in fact he does for the longest time.
I mean OMGosh!
What the hell!
But yeah the whole up and down of their love-hate relationship was very entertaining to read.
It was silly but really amusing.
Sometimes I just find myself smiling about how ridiculous Nick and Hayden has been because both of them really doesn’t know to express each other too well and when they try to they old end up fighting.
They were a weird couple but seriously cute!

I liked their friends too.
Chloe, Liz, Gavin and Davis were equally as our weird couple Hayden and Nick.
They were fun to read too.
They were as multi-faceted as the two main characters.

Once in a while I just want to read a feel good book like this one.
I highly recommend it if you are looking for a light and amusing book that would keep you company if you’re just out in your backyard or sunbathing on the beach.
This is my first Jennifer Echols books and will definitely be reading more.
I already have Going too Far on the to-be read pile so I will need to get to that soon!

I am giving this book a perfect 5 stars!
Despite my not liking the cover, the contents wholly compensated for it.