Fury - Elizabeth  Miles Like me, Hades has lost his cool with this book!





I was once again hoodwinked by another book with a striking cover.
I know. I know.
I should have learned my lesson with Carrier of the Mark.
But let's face it: Fury's cover is really attractive.
On the cover, the girl with the flaming red hair had a sly smile on her face as if she knows a secret that I don't.
What can I say, cover got me curious.
It drew me to read this book.
I wanted to grab the book and devour its contents.
The cover was beautiful.
We have to admit that most of the time we read a book because of the cover.
We look at the synopsis later after the cover already caught our attention.
I am guilty of that.
Sadly, most of the books I've read recently that had beguiling covers were disappointing.
And this book was one of them.

Aside from the cover another thing that made me want to read this book is its Greek Myth touch.
I thought it would be as good as Starcrossed.
Unfortunately, it was not!
This book as a disaster.
The only thing I liked about the book was the cover.
The Furies myth that was in this book was lame.
The characters were pathetic except for JD was the only decent person in this book.

The story mostly revolved around Em and Chase.
Em was struggling with her feelings toward her best friend's boyfriend.
Chase was obsessing over a beautiful girl he barely even knew.
Both of them did something bad and now the Furies wanted them to pay.
They want vengeance.
The other one gets killed while the other one has to make a decision: to be tied forever with the Furies or let another person die.

God! This book was horrible.
If it wasn’t for the pretty cover I would have rated this book a one.
I hated how it all seemed very Gossip Girl to me with a touch three goddesses who seek vengeance for people's wrong doing and it gives you Fury!
Em fooled around with her best friend's boyfriend while she was away (wasn’t that like Serena and Nate sleeping together without Blair knowing about it?)
Chase was looking for a girl to sleep with. (Chuck Bass is that you?)

One of the main issues I've had with this book was its characters.
They were so f*cked up!
Especially Em!
Em was the type of character I hate.
She has this nobody-loves-me character.
She was selfish.
Her best friend Gabby loved her so much but what did she get in return? Em hooked up with her boyfriend while she was away.
That just sucks.
Em you suck!
You don’t do that to your friend.

"But sometimes she felt like Zach deserved someone a little bit deeper than Gabby. Someone a little more like Em."

This line just drew the line for me.
How could you even think that way?
That boy is your best friend's boyfriend.
Do you even have a heart?
Did you even think how your best friend would feel?
And she even thought Gabby would understand.
I mean come on! Who in the right mind would be okay after you find out that your best friend hooked up with your boyfriend?
Get a SHRINK Em! You're totally distrurbed.
She was a selfish little b*tch!
Sorry but that's really how I see her.
There wasn’t even a part in this book that redeemed her of that imagine.
What makes matters worse was how she could quickly jump from Zach to JD.
My GOD that was so low!

Then, there's Chase.
I think he was pretty okay but I still found him so stupid for obsessing over someone he barely knew.
A pretty girl shows interest and he thinks he's in love.
He was like a lost puppy every time he doesn’t hear from her.
Look where that has gotten you Chase?!

This was just a sad, sad book.
The author's writing was actually pretty good.
The concept was good.
Pretty much it was the characters that ruined everything.
Also, there were a lot of loose endings like why did Drea know about the Furies and why just Em and Chase first?
I mean what Em did wasn’t so bad but why her?
Why not someone else who killed people?
Those were somehow still a mystery to me.

I would have to give this book a 2 mainly because of the cover and the Greek-myth touch even though it wasn’t really elaborated.