The Vampire Stalker - Allison van Diepen There is nothing I wouldn’t give or do to have my book boyfriend Noah Shaw (Unbecoming of Mara Dyer) to come out of the pages of the book.
I want to see him in front of me.
I want to see all his gorgeous face, touch his firm muscles and… moving on.
I might say something totally X-rated.
Hahaha. Just kidding.
Anyhow, the main character in this book, Amy, got her wish. *Lucky Her!*

Amy was a huge fan the Otherworld series.
She and her friends and about a million of other girls are going gaga for the Otherworld books.
While everyone else was fell in love with James, the lead male protagonist of the book, Amy fell in love with Alexander Banks, James’ cousin.
Amy had the surprise of her life when she meets Alexander in the flesh when someone tried to attack her.
Alexander reveals that he’s hunting Vigo who apparently like him was in Chicago.
Amy’s dream came true but then again her worse nightmare also came along with it.

The first thing I liked about this book was the premise.
It was creative, original and entertaining.
The title though was something I didn’t really like.
It wasn’t catchy.
The word stalker has a negative connotation.
It’s creepy.
Falling in love with a stalker is creepy.
But other than that I pretty much liked the while concept.
It started a bit slow but as you read along it would eventually increase its pace and would keep you glued to its pages.

Another thing I loved about this book was the explanation of how the characters of that book crossed over to real Chicago.
Literary Physics.
It’s unheard of but I find it cool and believable.
Believable in a way that you know that it cannot be true but you are thinking of the possibility that it could be true.
I liked the idea that there is a parallel universe out there wherein some of our favorite book characters might actually be real.
Cool stuff I tell you.
It won’t be explained initially but as you go along you’ll find out how this Literary Physics work.

The premise was great but I had a little issue connecting with the characters.
For me they weren’t entirely developed.
This book was too short to make the characters more dimensional.
I mean you’ll know them but only up to a point.
You won’t get to see them wholly.

This book was supposed to be a paranormal romance book right?
It is very paranormal but it lacked in the romance for me.
Although it was bit cheesy, I just felt that there weren’t much connection between Amy and Alexander.
I don’t know if you guys thought about them the same way but that’s how I felt towards this book.

I still give this book a 4 stars for its originality.

There is this one line from this book that I really really liked.

“Being bitten by a vampire is not sexy”