Songs For A Teenage Nomad - Kim Culbertson I only listen to a song if I could relate to its meaning.
There are a couple of songs I like because of the beat or the melody but mostly I have to like the lyrics first before I really like a song.
I have always been fascinated with music.
I never leave the house without my Ipod.
It’s a constant companion.
Sometimes I feel like a part of me is missing when I am not listening to music.
Music has that same value to Calle the main character of this book.

Calle and her mother have never stayed in one place for long which was why she never had any friends.
The only friend that she did consider was music and it was her only constant companion aside from her mom.
She even made a song journal which contains the songs that she loved and could relate to.
Calle never knew her father.
Her mother was constantly making some excuse not to talk about him.
She wanted to know where he was and why he left and what really happened.
But what she doesn’t know was the truth she was looking for could devastate her.

Songs for a Teenage Nomad is one of the reasons why I love reading contemporary YA books.
This book was realistic.
There was nothing unique in this book but still it was a fantastic which is why it’s great.
I thought the main character was also one of the reasons this book was great.
I liked how Calle tells her story.
She tells it like it is.
No sugar coating.
It was honest.
The book started when Calle and her mom moved again.
You don’t just get her story after the move but you also get short snippets of the before the move.

I could only imagine what it must have felt like to be always on the move and never really having anyone else besides your mother.
I liked Calle as a character but I mostly was able to relate to her mom.
I am a single parent and like Calle’s mom my daughter’s dad left me when I was just pregnant.
He wasn’t a druggie or anything but he left because he didn’t want the responsibility which left me to provide for my daughter alone.
I think Calle’s mom was only trying to protect her and I understand that but I don’t think I will ever hide something like this from my daughter because eventually no matter where you hide the truth will always come out.
My point is the more open parents are with their kids and vice versa the more that they could understand each other.
If that’s the case I think the constant moving didn’t really need to happen.
It was stupid and selfish on the side of her mom.
She wanted to move all the time because she though she’s protecting her daughter but she’s not.
She compromised her daughter’s chance of having a good and normal life.
I know I am already ranting about the mom here but I just want to share my personal thoughts on this just like I always do on my reviews.
I am not an expert parent but I think the reason why we’re here is to support our children and do what is best for them and not us.

Also another issue I had here was Sam.
Oh God I wanted to strangle him.
I don’t know what it is with people not wanting to deal with their issues so they try to pretend they are someone else.
They brush someone off because they think just by associating or talking to the will make them less “cool”.
That’s loads of crap!
I honestly hate guys like Sam.
Okay he has family issues but that’s no reason to brush off someone.
He was able to redeem himself but for me first impressions last.
Seriously I thought Calle deserved someone else.

I really recommend this to people who want a clean YA book that deals with real teen issues.
The writing was lyrical which was great.
The main character is likeable and so were all the other main character.
They were so real that I wanted to punch Sam in the face, smother Calle’s mom and give Calle a big hug and say how proud I was of her.

4 stars