Love and Leftovers - Sarah Tregay My first encounter with a book written in verses was “I heart you, You haunt me” by Lisa Schroeder which became an immediate favorite. Then it was followed by the Day Before by the same author.
When I opened “Love and Leftovers” I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as the other two books I read. I wasn’t expecting to love it so much.

Love and Leftovers was a bittersweet story about Marcie’s struggles with her parents split up, being away from her friends and her boyfriend, how to fit well in her new school. Though written in verses you’ll definitely feel the emotion that Marcie had as she was telling her story.

The story was good. I liked Marcie because she was real and you could easily relate to her. She made mistakes and one of which I definitely disliked. She cheated on her so sweet boyfriend. :(
Why did you do that Marcie?
Anyways, everything turned out okay in the end and she learned her lesson and everyone’s happy.

Love and Leftovers is definitely a must read.
It was a one of those books that you’ll find yourself wanting to read it in one sitting.
I liked it and would be waiting for more books from this author.

4! :D