The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa What do you get when you mix dystopia and vampires together? You get THE IMMORTAL RULES!

The Immortal Rules has got to be one of the best vampire books out there. I mean it was unique yet it still managed to stay true to the original concept of vampires. I don’t hate sparkly vampires because they introduced my to the YA genre but the vamps here in Immortal Rules were bad, fierce and I love it. I seriously adore it.

The Immortal Rules was set in a world where vampires ruled over the humans.
They use humans to feed themselves.
They hire the humans to do slave work for them.
They humans were the lowest member of the society.
The vampires lives in the Inner City while the humans live in a place called the Fringe where they must fight for food, for shelter in order for them to survive.
Allie Sekemoto was one of them.
She was one of the Unregistered.
She despised the vampires.
But because of a food hunt that has gone wrong she had to become one of them in order for her to survive.

The concept of merging vampires with the current hype of dystopian book was very genius. It was a very smart move. But I have to say that although there might be some writers who might have thought about it already I think it is only Julie Kagawa who could pull something like that off. Julie Kagawa did pull it off with flying colors. She was able to take me again to another world that is very different from our own but as you read the book made you feel that somehow everything felt real. I mean I was like “oh wow how'd she even thought of that?” the whole time I was reading it. The world she created on this book was entirely different from the world she created in her Iron Fey series but equally creative and real.

Allie would have to be one of the most kick-ass heroines I’ve ever read. She was smart, strong, brave and occasionally a wise-ass which made her funny at times. I found her hardheadedness a little annoying but she does try to make up for her mistakes when she does one. Like all of Ms. Kagawa’s other characters, Allie was well developed and very real. Kanin who I thought was going to be her love interest was very cold and distant. He was her mentor and he played his part well. The real love interest Zeke blew my mind. I was in love again (sorry Ash). Zeke was just loveable and there was no way you could not fall in love with him. I mean who wouldn’t want a handsome guy who’s full of battle scars. Ooohhh! Gosh Zeke was so sexy! (I am so sorry for my infidelity Ash)

Also I loved how Allie and Zeke’s relationship developed. It developed gradually and surely. THANK GOD ITS NOT INSTA-LOVE! I hate heroines who falls head over heals with the male lead just by looking at him. Gawwdd that makes me want to puke. Good thing this one wasn’t one of them. Also it wasn’t the main focus of the book which for me was a very big thing. The purpose of paranormal books is to let the readers have that paranormal experience it’s not all about the romance. I mean if you want romance stick with romance. Paranormal is not supposed to be all about romance. A little romance is okay to keep the readers interested and The Immortal Rules has the right amount of action and romance which I suuuper LOVED!

One other thing I liked was the setting of the book which was New Covington. She was able to incorporate a little of a dystopian feel to this book which is why I think its going to be a huge hit. Readers want something new and this was it. The concept was fresh, the plot intriguing, the characters were kick-ass, the villains were despicable, the setting was perfect, what more could you ask for? Also the rabids were a great addition to the already great plot and characters. The rabids were creepy. Gosh I wouldn’t want to meet one of those in my lifetime.

OMGosh! Julie Kagawa does it again. I just couldn’t stop praising this book. Honestly, I am so enchanted by this book just as I was with the Iron Fey series.

Dear Julie Kagawa,

Thanks for making The Immortal Rules.
Thank you for making this book about vampires and not making them sparkly and lovestruck.
Thank you for making the heroine brave and independent and not like the others who depend too much on their male counterpart.
Thank you for adding a dystopian feel to this series because it was genius.
Thank you for making these books as if they were real.
Please continue to make more books and showing us more of your magic.

The Immortal Rules is a series that you wouldn’t want to miss especially if you love vampires. It’s fresh, full of action with a little bit of romance.