Anything but Normal - Melody Carlson What is it with me and books that deals with teenage hormonal issues?
This would have to be the second book I read that dealt with premarital sex and the first that dealt with teenage pregnancy.

Sophie Ramsay was starting her senior year with a secret. Sophie was a strong Christian girl who had a purity pledge that she had to break because of Dylan Morris. Dylan told her that he loves her and Sophie believed him. Now she finds out that she was pregnant and is left with a very big decision to make. What will she do? Who will she turn too? Will she continue with the pregnancy or have the baby aborted?

Anything but Normal is a book after my own heart. Teenage pregnancy is hard. It becomes even harder when you feel that you cannot share what you are going through with anyone.

Sophie was a very realistic character for me. I was actually pretty surprised how close Ms. Carlson was in showing us how a teenager will handle this type of situation. I know because I was in that same situation when I was 19 too. I fell in love and thought that he does too. I get pregnant he left me with a baby in my stomach and a pretty hard decision whether to get the baby aborted, give the baby up for adoption or keep the baby. I had the same struggles as Sophie did. It may not be the same for everybody but for me it was so damn close.

This book is not just about teenage pregnancy but there was also a part of the book that dealt with religion. I honestly love the author’s take on how even Christians make mistakes. Sometimes Christians could be closed minded and judgmental. This book teaches us to forgive despite how bad someone has wronged us. It also shows how important other people’s love and acceptance would mean to someone who is going through a hard time. Despite the mistake and wrongdoings we must accept and forgive one another because that is something God would want us to do.

The characters that the author made are pretty realistic. I liked Sophie, Wes and Pastor Vincent. They were my favorite characters in this book. I liked Sophie because she was strong and despite all the wrong things that happened to her she still had faith in God. I admire her for that. I may have not agreed with her decision but that doesn’t make it wrong. Wes was one of those guys that I’d love to have. Seriously, how often would a guy be willing to be called a baby’s daddy even if he’s not? Not much right? But Wes was okay with that. He was the support that Sophie needed along with her parents. Pastor Vincent was fair and he understood what happened to Sophie and didn’t judge her based on that one mistake.

I seriously loved this book!
It teaches you a lesson without being preachy.

It definitely deserves 5 stars